Lingbi County Lingcheng Shangdong International Kindergarten: experts led by research to promote growth

In order to further explore the new era of early childhood education, teaching and research work, help the high-quality development of preschool education, play the supporting role of teaching and research.In the morning of March 31st, under the arrangement of Zhu Fang, the teacher of Shangdong International Kindergarten in Lingbi County, all teachers took part in the online training and learning activity of “Jianghuai Travel of Early Childhood Education research (The first phase) – Into Wuhu City” with questions and thoughts, listening to and understanding the development status and measures of preschool education in Wuhu city.The online training activity learned the theme lecture of “Focusing on problems and adopting multiple measures to improve the quality of regional preschool education” brought by Teacher Dai Wei from Wuhu Institute of Education and Research.Dai Wei introduced the current situation of preschool education in Wuhu from three aspects: innovating the working mechanism of teaching and research, achieving the professional growth of teachers, and giving play to the role of excellent principals as “leading geese”, and narrated related cases of kindergarten theme teaching and research, which aroused the resonance and thinking of teachers!During the activity, all the teachers of the park showed a high enthusiasm for learning, concentrating on learning actively and comprehending educational theories and viewpoints by heart. The teachers recorded while watching and thought while listening.A whole morning of online learning made the teachers very productive.This activity is not only a precious training and learning opportunity, but also a strong promotion of kindergarten teaching and research work.(Wang Xuexuan, Rong Yin, Wei Wenjing) Source: Zhongan Online

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