Police and citizens joined forces to rescue a woman who jumped into a river in Ankang due to family chores

Recently, ankang City Hanyin County a woman to commit suicide, Hanyin County Public Security Bureau chengguan police station police and past people quickly involved in the rescue, praised by the masses.It is understood that at 21 o ‘clock on The evening of January 26, The Hanyin County Chengguan police station received the public alarm: said that a woman jumped into the river near the artificial lake landscape bridge in the county.After receiving the police, Hanyin County Chengguan police station police heard the police moved quickly to the scene, saw two women are jumping into the river woman to the shallow water, police immediately jumped into the water from the bridge more than two meters high embankment to join the rescue.In the police hand in hand efforts, the woman was successfully carried to the shore.Because of the cold water, the woman was shivering, the police let the surrounding female masses to take warm measures, quickly turned on the police lights, sirens sounded the police car to send the woman to the People’s Hospital of Hanyin County for treatment, and contact their families.The police only left when the family felt accompanied by the hospital.It is reported that the woman had a dispute with her family because of family chores, and the idea of suicide, not to jump into a river.Passing by the two women found the first time to alarm, and jumped into the icy river will be pulled to the shallow water woman, after actively cooperate with the police to carry out emergency work.The woman has returned home safely.

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