Anti-china life is not easy!Lithuania’s foreign minister went abroad to attract investment, Taiwan can not replace the mainland

After a series of anti-Chinese maneuvers, Lithuania is having a hard time.Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis will visit Singapore, Canberra and Melbourne from February 6 to 10, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry announced on February 4.According to a statement released by the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, Landsberges’ mission is to develop markets in Asia and Oceania for Lithuanian companies and achieve the strategic goal of diversifying Lithuania’s supply chain.Notably, the statement stressed that the main purpose of the visit was to strengthen Lithuania’s bilateral, political and economic ties with Singapore and Australia in order to avoid isolation caused by “China’s blockade”.This press release by the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry reflects three points. First, a small number of Lithuanian politicians persist in manipulating the Taiwan issue regardless of the opposition of Lithuanian public opinion and are unwilling to show sincerity to repair neutral bilateral relations.Second, a series of promises of American aid remains elusive, forcing Lithuanian politicians to seek their own solutions after offending China.Third, at a time when the island’s DPP authorities “support Lithuania”, the Cubic Foreign Minister has to take the lead in finding a way out, so Taiwan cannot replace the mainland at all.Let’s start with the first point. In fact, Lithuania’s relations with China have taken a turn for the worse since its new Prime Minister Inglida Simonite took office in November 2020.A small, little-known Baltic state has become well known among the Chinese public for its defiance of China’s core interests.In May 2021, less than half a year after Simonit officially took office as Lithuania’s Prime Minister, Lithuania’s Foreign Minister announced that he would unilaterally withdraw from the “17+1” trans-regional cooperation platform and allow Taiwan authorities to set up a “trade representative office” in Vilnius under the so-called “name of Taiwan”.After stern representations and repeated warnings proved fruitless, China hit back, recalling its ambassador in August.Prime Minister Inglida Simonite and Foreign Minister Landsberges, who represent the Lithuanian government, did not make any concrete statements after Lithuanian President Leonid Nowseda admitted the “Taiwan representative office” was wrong and asked the Lithuanian foreign minister to come up with a plan to ease the situation.Even Lithuanian opinion polls show that 60% of Lithuanian people are against Lithuania’s current China policy.According to the latest press release of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, some anti-China politicians are not only not correcting their wrong attitude, but also planning to go through with it.Secondly, through Lithuania’s visit to Singapore and Australia to establish economic and trade cooperation, it can be seen that a series of oral commitments made by the United States to Lithuania have not made up for Lithuania’s economic and trade losses.A number of senior US officials have expressed support for Lithuania after it unilaterally provoked China’s core interests.The sad part for Lithuania, however, is that American support is only lip service, and does not bring any tangible benefits to Lithuania.It is worth noting that the two countries the Lithuanian Foreign Minister is planning to visit are also very distinctive. Australia is a “staunch ally” of the United States, and just like Lithuania, Australia only follows the interests of the United States.Earlier, Australia said it would join the European Union to appeal to the World Trade Organisation over Lithuania.If nothing else, Lithuania has a chance to recoup some of its economic losses in Australia.If it is normal for the Lithuanian foreign minister to visit Australia, it is a bit disgusting to visit Singapore.As the only developed country in Southeast Asia, Singapore has a relatively low profile in the world due to its small comprehensive size despite its extremely important geographical location.However, as the United States returns to the Asia-pacific strategy, Singapore has become the most frequently visited country in Southeast Asia by American senior officials.You should know that Singapore is opposed to the US involving Southeast Asian countries including Singapore in the Asia-Pacific disputes, which ASEAN and Singapore have repeatedly issued statements.With a land area of 724.4 square kilometers and a population of 5.7 million, it is hardly realistic for Lithuania to seek economic and trade cooperation in Singapore.Then there is only one possibility. Lithuania seeks political support everywhere under the guise of economic and trade cooperation, which is tantamount to taking Singapore’s side in a disguised way.This shows that the visit of Lanzbelgis, its political significance is far greater than the significance of economic and trade cooperation.The third is an even bigger blow to Lithuania.When Lithuania withdrew from the “17+1” trans-regional cooperation platform, it slandered that the platform did not bring expected benefits to Lithuania. It said that it could gain higher interests by setting up so-called “trade representative offices” with Taiwan. However, after the operation, it found that this was not the case at all.For Lithuania’s political manipulation, the DPP authorities in the island have repeatedly expressed their “support for Lithuania” and even threatened to accept all Lithuanian goods rejected by the mainland.Under the publicity of Green media, “independence” activists on the island vowed to “drink up” the much-hyped Lithuanian “Wolf beer” and dark rum.However the democratic progressive party (DPP) authorities have to admit the fact is, even if Taiwan’s economy is heavily reliant on the mainland, not replace the mainland, Taiwan cannot implement of Lithuania’s commodities in the true sense “accept according to the order”, and the market potential and Lithuania before unilaterally bad with China’s trade growth rate, Taiwan cannot compare.In fact, after Lithuania joined the “17+1” trans-regional cooperation platform, the bilateral trade volume of Neutral Countries has maintained a high growth state. Even in the severe environment of the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the bilateral trade volume of Neutral countries still increased by 7.6%, reaching 2.29 billion DOLLARS.In 2020, China is the world’s major economies to achieve economic growth in the country, on the basis of this, in 2021 China’s economy maintained rapid growth state once again, although China is the world’s second largest economy, but economic vitality and potential will be far more than as the world’s largest economy in the United States, and the gap between the two parties are.China has become the core of global economic growth, which is a fact recognized by the world’s major economies.In response, Lithuania’s Deputy Foreign Minister admitted that he did not expect the cost of provoking China to be so huge.It is worth noting that it is Lithuania that has abandoned China, the most promising market, not China that has abandoned Lithuania because of its provocations over Chinese sovereignty.Lithuanian politicians should seriously reflect on whether it is worth pitting themselves against China and their own economy on the back of American rhetoric.

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