CCTV5 live, short track speed skating again 2 gold, Wu Dajing target to defend, China and South Korea women relay showdown

The penultimate day of short-track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games kicked off on February 13 with the men’s 500m and women’s 3000m relay winners.Wu dajing’s goal is to defend his title, he and Ren Ziwei, Sun Long together.With Fan Kexin leading the relay team for another gold medal, the girls will have to perform to their best against the tests of South Korea, the Netherlands and Canada.Four days of short track speed skating at the Winter Olympics have been contested, with the men’s 500-meter race taking center stage on the fifth day.In the preliminary match, Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei’s play is very good, got the group first positive.Wu Dajing’s results or the best preliminary, his goal is to defend, from an opening, to show their strength.Quarter final, Wu Dajing is the second group appearance, the primary goal is to ensure promotion.Ren Ziwei and Sun Long are both in the first group, which is an opportunity and a challenge for them.It is really difficult for them to play tactics in the 500-meter race, so they need to do their best first, the top two in the group, and strive for both of them to advance, that is the key.The quarter-finals start at 19:00 and the semi-finals at 19:27. The pace of the game is fast and players have to allocate their physical strength properly.The final time is 20:14, expect Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei and Sun Long can get good results.In the women’s 3000m relay, The Chinese team entered the final to win the championship. Fan Kexin, Zhang Yuting, Qu Chunyu and Han Yutong competed in the semi-finals.The final three opponents are South Korea, Canada and the Netherlands, of which South Korea is very strong, Choi minjing in the semi-final is impressive.The key for The Chinese team is to play steadily and not be disturbed by their opponents or commit fouls. Only in this way can they have a better chance to win the gold medal.Final scheduled at 19:44, CCTV sports channel live, looking forward to The Chinese short track speed skating team can get good results again.

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