How about dinner?The answer behind may be borne by the body

On the question of dinner, people hold different attitudes.For people who lose weight and keep in shape: they think it is best not to eat dinner, so that the body can reduce the intake of too much nutrition, not fat;For workers: Not only should you eat dinner, but you should also eat better. After all, it’s hard to work overtime.Dinner? You want to have it or not?About this question, in fact, there is no too accurate answer, because everyone’s constitution is different, plus the reason of living habits, and finally can only vary from person to person.Nevertheless, everybody does not believe folk prescription easily, especially that sentence: do not eat dinner, hungry cure all diseases.This sentence, really is nonsense.Just think, how can we have a healthy body without enough food and clothing?Often do not eat dinner, the body should bear these consequences 1, stomach injury, all kinds of stomach disease, do not eat dinner for a long time, for the stomach is more harmful, will be accompanied by different degrees of stomach disease.You know, four or five hours later, lunch is digested.At this point, the stomach should be “empty”.If still do not eat in time, that intestines and stomach can only work passively, can stimulate gastric mucosa.2, malnutrition, look weak thin divided into many kinds, but is not look weak, obviously is sick thin.The organs of the body also need nutrients to work, but these nutrients are obtained through the daily diet.If there is no dinner, the nutritional aspects of nature can not keep up, malnutrition is often the case.3, metabolism is reduced, but more likely to gain weight, three meals a day is the standard, can maintain the normal operation of the body.If you miss a meal, your body’s metabolic capacity is affected.In other words: When your metabolic rate slows down, your body has problems.It is to want to achieve the purpose of reducing weight originally, the result is more and more fat however, because of the reason of bad metabolism.In fact, dinner, there is no need to eat too good, but to eat nutrition and health.Using the simplest ingredients to make the most nutritious meal, this is the most meaningful dinner.Eat a few simple, ingredients as far as possible to vegetarian dishes, taste also want light, so as to meet the dual requirements of weight loss and nutrition.Also, choose low-calorie foods for dinner.Whole grains are usually recommended because they are higher in dietary fiber.Let’s be honest: Eating whole grains without worrying about food buildup can help prevent constipation.There is also, do not eat too much dinner too full, seven points just good.When you feel full, remind yourself to put down your chopsticks and go for a walk.The first step to losing weight is to shut your mouth and move your legs.Eat too full, how can maintain a figure?By the way, the timing of dinner is also very important, and it is not “eat as you like”.A lot of young people, they change dinner to late night snack, they change light food to crawfish and barbecue, and that’s all wrong.Dinner should be finished by six o ‘clock, preferably no more than the starting point.Why is time so important?Because then comes the most important time to sleep.If you eat too late, there is no time for digestion, and all the calories from dinner will be stored in the body, not only affecting the quality of sleep, but also getting fatter and fatter.It seems that dinner should not only be eaten, but also healthy and nutritious.Even if you are trying to lose weight, don’t neglect dinner, have you learned?

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