See through the Yamaha Tenere 700. I’ll tell you what Yamaha won’t tell you

There is such a hard ADV, many car friends want it, but the manufacturer has not been imported to our China, it is Yamaha Tenere 700.The car also has many nicknames, but two of the more famous ones are the Prince of the Desert and the “Real Rally Car”.Today, I’m going to solve a few questions for you. First, I’m going to explain to those who don’t know about this car what’s great about this car and why it’s called a “real rally car.”Secondly, I will explain to the people who are expecting this car, why it will not be imported into China?If you are a long-time oye fan, you will not have missed our post on Victory day of the Dakar Rally a few days ago, where we explained Dakar and the origin of its LOGO. In that episode, we mentioned Yamaha and its Tenere series.Portal: The origin of Dakar Rally and what does its LOGO mean?In short, the word Tenere can be described as yamaha’s spiritual totem, which once again puts yamaha on the throne of Dakar.Yamaha Tenere is the origin of the Yamaha XT500. The XT500 was originally released by Yamaha for the American market as an off-road vehicle. It was powerful, easy to handle and light in weight.I can’t believe this car was used to run the Dakar rally.In the field of the first Dakar Rally, Yamaha XT500 was among the best, and in the field of the second Dakar Rally, Yamaha XT500 was among the top four, under which Yamaha XT series models were directly famous in Europe, and the sales volume was also innovative.After 1981, however, the Dakar series became more formal and attracted more competitors, such as BMW and Ducati.In Dakar, yamaha XT series was overwhelmed by BMW’s horizontal opposition engine, which not only lost the championship, but also reduced sales and lost market share.In such a premise, a relevant pull a motorcycle arms race started, our present many familiar pull models/hard adv models are from this arms race, such as BMW GS series, Honda’s double, as well as the yamaha Tenere, everyone is born because of this, like BMW GS in Dakar domination in the 80 s,Tenere models helped Yamaha dominate the Dakar circuit throughout the 1990s.The Yamaha XT series is just for non-pavement, while the Tenere series is for winning Dakar.It is this pedigree purity that makes many people have a special affection for Yamaha’s Tenere series, a feeling that it was born to be the champion of the rally. And the Tenere series does not disappoint, it has always been designed to be a rally.Even the current Tenere700 has not abandoned this etched in the blood.Yamaha had a 1:9 setting at the beginning of the car’s design, which meant that one point was reserved for road and the other nine points were reserved for unpaved roads, so the Yamaha Tenere700 has the following hard Settings: first, the whole car is standard with long travel damping and standard off-road size wheels.The Tenere700 uses an inverted KYB43mm front shock absorber with a travel of 210mm and adjustable compression and rebound damping.The rear shock absorber is a saxophone shock absorber with a stroke of 200 mm, with quick adjustment of preload function and adjustable rebound damping function.Paired with a front 21 and rear 18 wire spoke wheel set, the Tenere700 has a minimum ground clearance of 240mm and a sitting height of 875mm, which is original enough to do some tension things.The second is that the car was originally designed to move towards the rally car.In addition to the classic two-cradle frame, the entire front of the Tenere700 is a rally car design, and the fuel tank and slender seat are ergonomically designed to accommodate long periods of standing or sitting riding.And finally, electron assist.In addition to the detachable ABS, the Tenere700 does not use any other electronic assistance. According to interviews with overseas media, Yamaha says this is because the CP2 engine they put on the Tenere700 is powerful enough to provide smooth and predictable horsepower in all conditions, and all additional electronic features are unnecessary.And it’s uncontrollable.As in Dakar, everything is a test of the driver’s skill, not the vehicle’s intelligence, except the accelerator and the brake.In order to promote the Tenere700’s extraordinary non-pavement ability, Yamaha invited one of the off-road gods to drive the Tenere700 and shoot a number of extremely difficult movements to prove that the car is really a pull, really awesome.After all this hype, the Tenere700 has become the holy white lotus in many people’s minds, Dakar origin, super hardcore setting, and this is the rally car in my mind!But it’s not just those maneuvers that make the car famous, but yamaha’s price tag for the Tenere700, which is 9,700 euros in Europe, or nearly 70,000 yuan.The U.S. price is $10,299, or just 65,000 yuan.Excited!!!!Trembling!!!!This is a real bargain!Compared to the KTM 790 and BMW F750/F850 series, this is a real bargain, almost $3000 cheaper.At this point Tenere700 has become a spiritual totem in the hearts of many car owners in China, and we just need to wait for the yamaha thief to officially introduce this car.But Yamaha seems to have no intention of introducing this car to China. Why is that?Why didn’t Yamaha introduce such a hard and popular rally car?Well, what Yamaha won’t tell you, I’ll tell you.There’s only one reason this car doesn’t come into our country, and that’s because nobody buys it.The real fragrance of yamaha is based on the overseas price of the car, not the domestic price.For example, yamaha MT07 sells for $7,899 overseas, which translates to nearly 50,000 yuan. When it arrives in China, it sells for 110,000 yuan.The Tenere700, priced at $10,299 overseas, is at least $130,000 at the bottom of the domestic market, which is consistent with yamaha toning.Then there is the question: how many people in China are willing to pay for such a “hard” rally car at a huge premium?If MT07 is bought, Tenere700 is not?No one will buy it.MT07 on the basis of super premium and sales, is built on the basis of China’s largest market is street cars, most people buy a car is to experience the fun of driving, or feel the spirit of cycling, playing is personality, you have no cost performance does not matter.So we know that this thing is only selling, and it’s not selling well.If you open up the salted fish now, you can see that many shops are clearing their stock of the new old MT07.It can sell, but it’s also true that it can’t sell. We’re not stupid.Street car even so, ADV how will?Our ADV is selling well, this is based on our car to motorcycle travel, we need not real man, real pull, but easy to ride, convenient, stable quality, strong safety, only Tenere700 has no electric control, can persuade a ticket of ADV fans, these people to buy TRACER 900 GT not sweet?140,000 price displacement and large, strong configuration.For the true non-pavement enthusiast, the 790ADV R CKD will cost only 120K, how many people will buy yamaha’s Tenere700 under that premise?Take a final vote, if you are going to buy a car, do you want the 790ADV R for 120,000 yuan or the Tenere700 for 130,000 yuan?If this article is useful, please like + in + forward support me, thank you!

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