Access restricted by 50,000?Two groups of people will be affected and two groups of people will benefit, according to new regulations released in 2022

As the year of the Tiger is approaching, the bank has issued a very important notice, that is, individuals who deposit or withdraw RMB 50,000 or more will be required to register the source of funds. The specific implementation period will officially start on March 1st, that is, the beginning of next month.As for the major new regulations on bank deposits and withdrawals in 2022, many people may not know about them. Here, I will give you a detailed explanation, mainly including the following aspects:The first aspect is different after more than fifty thousand yuan, the bank will verify the real identity of the transactor, for the limitation of the fifty thousand yuan, is not to say that you $fifty thousand per a quota restrictions, but on the day you accumulated more than fifty thousand yuan of deposit and withdrawal are need to indicate the source, such as you need different thousands or more than 500000 words,Then you need to specify the circumstances in which you are allowed to withdraw or deposit money. The purpose of this is to ensure that the deposit or withdrawal of money is legitimate.The second aspect is the query you deposit money, will track is deep, just like you this money is your usual wages, or bonus at ordinary times, or the usual year-end bonuses will have certain records, but these must be lawful source of funds, and for this we also do not have to worry about, but if the money was involved in money laundering or is a fraud,Then there will be limits!The third aspect is to reduce cash flow and then make way for the digital yuan to reduce uncontrolled capital flows.As long as you use the card, the digital currency, the amount is unlimited.So what will be the impact on us ordinary workers and ordinary people?If that were the case, there would be some cash sitting at home, not in the bank, or in the stock market.Because the deposit and withdrawal need to indicate the source of funds and whereabouts, but for most people will tell the impact is not big, because they usually earn not much, also rarely can use the capital of more than fifty thousand, can say that the purpose meaning of this method is to control illegal funds, it is to strengthen the supervision of this aspect strength!In addition, two groups of people will be affected:The first kind of person is usually trading more funds, especially more money every month, and then pay less tax, and the purpose of doing so is mainly for tax, all large sources of unknown will be calculated with operating income, of course, this tax point will not be too high, the author estimates in the range of a few thousand,The way of collection should be deducted poundage transfer and withdrawal interest.The second type of person is the person of fraud, the last two years has been in the anti-telecom fraud, mainly the person of telecom fraud in the last two years is too much, and there are also many people cheated, but after this policy is launched, the individual to the bank deposit and withdraw cash more than 50 thousand dollars, need to verify identity, register capital source and use.So-called identity verification is to provide id card, if you are using someone else’s card withdrawal, more than 50000 dollars, but also provide the person’s id card id and your id, but also explain the purpose of the cash, use irregularities can not take cash, can say to the person of fraud is definitely a big blow!Has affected at the same time, there are also benefits: the first kind of benefit is some payment platform, and because of that, many people I think, it is more tedious to do business in the bank, not too willing to go to the bank, and will choose to do business on the net directly, so that is good in some payment platform.The second type is good cash collection, the more years the value of money is higher, take a 1950 dime, now worth 20 yuan, and later everyone will be more willing to put more money, so that the collection of money will become more people.In short, this kind of change has no effect on the common people, but for those who engage in telecom fraud, corruption, as long as your money is not right, you will be more and more trouble.

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