Cristiano Ronaldo robbed Manchester United of the penalty shoot-out. Should B be paid back?

Cristiano Ronaldo robbed Manchester United of the penalty shoot-out. Should B be paid back?Having been knocked out of the fa Cup by a Team from the Championship, United have only the Champions League and the premier League remaining on their agenda this season.United had plenty of chances to kill the game but squandered them, with Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo taking 10 shots on target and even missing a first-half penalty.He has taken 172 penalties in his career, missed 29 of them and hit 143 of them, an approximate 83% accuracy rate.Before Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United, the penalty taker was Fee B.Cristiano Ronaldo came back and quietly stole the penalty kick away from Fee.As outsiders, we don’t know whether it was comity between Portuguese teammates or the captain’s desire for his younger brother, but on the matter of matter, should Ronaldo take the penalty kick? Is he a more suitable penalty taker than Fee?Here is a statistic of the penalty taking of Portugal’s two stars in the four seasons from 2017/18 to 2020/21, which is of great reference value.In those four seasons, Ronaldo hit 34 of 39 penalties, while Fee hit 35 of 36.Ronaldo missed five penalties and shot 87.2 percent, slightly better than his career percentage.By contrast, Fey missed just one penalty, with an impressive 97.2 percent of his penalty kicks.That’s the real story.That said, there is no doubt that fergie has been a better penalty-taker than Cristiano Ronaldo for both the Portuguese national team and Manchester United in the last four years.In the national team, Robbie has played for many years, so he has always been the penalty taker, people understand and accept.But at Manchester United, fergie is already the first player, so why would Ronaldo want to grab him?You can say you’re doing it for the team, but when you’re shooting 10 percent worse, that doesn’t make any sense, does it?Although he has been at Manchester United before, ronaldo only joined the club in August at the end of the day and he is not as old as fee.

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