Hometown prose: Hometown

It has been more than 40 years since the ancient wind left my hometown, but the mountains and rivers of my hometown have never left my sight, they are so kind, so you yearn day and night.As I get older, I dream every night.Everyone has his own hometown, everyone says his hometown is good, even if the poor, but also the same day miss, think night think!Years tell me, this is a plot, just like the “Chinese festival” as simple red fresh, no matter where you go, as long as you see it, will think of hometown;At the same time, she is also a kind of blood flowing, wherever you go, there will be waving the flag of hometown, the flag is always standing high, looking back at the hometown.Wearing heavy military cotton padded clothes, came to this picturesque Fujian, and brothers and sisters smiling to meet, but I feel that the scenery around is so strange, slightly timid fear, always thinking of uncle and grandpa, and the grandmother’s amiable smile.I gradually realized that this is my home, where my parents, brothers and sisters live.Due to the death of grandpa, I was born soon after the foster home in my grandparents, and grandpa and grandpa’s home only from a few villages, the same hunan Hengyang countryside, where is my hometown!Subsequent life, always can always feel the home and parents home of countless links.Grandma passed away, the telegram sent in the middle of the night, father tears out of his eyes, the cold winter, the next morning to ask for leave, with his brother, set foot on the tortuous journey home, because of the traffic inconvenience at that time, from fujian Sanming small county bus train to three days and four nights of travel, it can be said that, the road back home long xi….;Subsequently, a relative had a difficult illness, due to the gap in medical conditions, relatives always come to Sanming from distant hometown for medical treatment, a stay is three months half a year.At that time, our living conditions are not well-off, brother and sister five people, the family economy is also poor, but the parents always sincerely entertain distant relatives……Later, after the reform and opening up, my cousin also came to work in our small town, his parents and aunt arranged his accommodation, and got married and had children here, which was a very close thing. Then, my brother and I grew up, and got married and had children in Fujian, and gradually integrated into the rich cymnal land of Fujian.Because each of my five siblings and I are looking for lovers are native People in Fujian, and some even have grandchildren, but the roots of hometown have not been broken, and always look back.Two years ago, transportation was convenient, and my brother drove his own small car to take his father back to his hometown to repair the main tomb, which was a happy thing.Finally, one day, a heartening phone call came from my second sister. She told me that her elderly uncle had arrived, and that she was transferring from her to his home, and that she had hidden his luggage and was going to keep him for another two days.Brother and sister decided to have a dinner for his old man in the famous “Hunan restaurant”, and we happily reunite for a while, except for my family, so I must go over.Received a phone call is more minutes at two o ‘clock in the afternoon, but I’m still trying to please the false, it’s a pity that his wife had to go to work, my daughter to read, I can only alone, with a photo of daughter to more than one hundred miles on sanming cast, the pub is the night when the lights on, relatives meet particularly kind, have strange sounds, I labored to listen to and smiling,Can still remember a few hometown words are moved out to speak, thick village feeling in the hot hunan food flavor ripples open……”Hometown” the word, in my heart is not a word, but blindly thick homesickness plot, let me think of the “fallen leaves return to the roots” story, people did not return home, the heart has already flown back to hometown.No wonder, since ancient times homesick poem will never write endless, homesick song so moving!The picture in this article comes from the network, if the infringement contact delete.You are welcome to contribute your original works. Please submit your works to 609618366@qq.com. This number includes local, homesickness and homesickness articles.Please attach the author’s name with the manuscript, preferably with pictures, please mark whether it is original.The official account of local literature has been opened. Welcome to search the wechat official account xiangchouwenxue and pay attention to us.

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