Huairou chestnut is famous all over the world

Every autumn, the streets and alleys of Beijing are filled with chestnut fried with sugar, and there are more authentic Huairou oil chestnuts with a big brand.Why do we have to play the sweet oil chestnut?Today, I will tell you the origin of huairou oil chestnut and its delicious, benefits and its role in fitness beauty.In the Tang Dynasty, some people came to Huairou to camp troops. These soldiers came from all over the country and some people brought chestnuts to grow at the foot of the mountain. The earliest chestnut tree has a history of thousands of years.The mountain of Huairou is very rich in minerals and abundant in water. Chestnut trees grow bright and sweet and delicious. The Ming Emperor ordered a large number of chestnut trees to be planted when building the Great Wall for soldiers and soldiers on the border to eat.The Emperors of the Qing Dynasty ordered the lower court to pay tribute to the tributaries, especially to the peak of the Empress Dowager Cixi, who loved eating chestnut noodles, which was said to be beautiful, nourishing the kidney, nourishing qi and calming the spirit.Now the real huairou oil chestnut price continues to rise, with a few years ago seven or eight yuan rose to about 20 yuan, exports to Japan, South Korea is nearly 50 yuan or so.That means it’s good or smart Japanese wouldn’t pay a lot of money to eat it.Now buy authentic huairou oil must see clearly the skin bright, small fruit, golden meat.Now there are a lot of ride products Hebei Qianxi Chestnut, Shandong shanpeng Chestnut and so on, of course, each has his own love of the Lobu cabbage, some people pay attention to eat authentic, some people will also be able to eat not so much to live together in the world.

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