Stay on the road anywhere “urinate”, the result was hit by a car fly!

Dumbo chooses a very nice environment and poops.He was so happy that he hummed to himself as he took a dump.Suddenly a car appeared and he did not see the lead.Hence.Drove the idiot right into his own car.The story tells us that we must not relieve ourselves in the street.Always go to a public restroom.And that’s what our dummies do.He chose a very scenic spot and pooped.I ended up getting hit by a car.That’s the end of this cartoon.Xiaobian reminds you again, see the lead this story, we should know not to defecate in public places.Or you’ll look like a nerd.It went straight out of the way.Be sure to go to the regular toilet to solve.Dull head takes shelter from the rain differently than others.He had the toilet on his head!Prosperous wealth plays the mobile phone of foolish head, he discovers that foolish head mobile phone switch and his mobile phone are not the same!

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