2022 Rizhao Health System public institutions to recruit 580 people April 9 to apply for non-graduates can be reported

2022 Rizhao health system public institutions open recruitment related announcements are being released, now Rizhao City, Juxian, Lanshan, Shanhaitian tourism resort has been announced, registration time and written test time is basically the same, Rizhao health system belongs to the city unified examination.Although the written test is scheduled for April 23, it is generally determined according to the epidemic situation.But you can first according to the shortest time emergency test preparation!Application Time: 9:00, Apr. 9, 2022 — 16:00, Apr. 12, 2022 Enquiry Time: 11:00, Apr. 9, 2022 — 16:00, Apr. 13, 2022 Preliminary Examination Time: 11:00, Apr. 9, 2022 — 16:00, Apr. 13, 2022 Payment time:Written Test date: April 23, 2022 (please refer to the written test ticket for details)According to the positions, the positions are divided into clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, stomatology, rehabilitation medicine, pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine, nursing, medical imaging, medical laboratory, public health and preventive medicine and public basic knowledge.Interview content: The interview mainly evaluates the basic quality and professional ability necessary for the applicant to engage in professional work.In 2022, Public institutions of Rizhao Health system: the municipal government will recruit 229 people, Juxian 292 people, Lanshan 55 people, and Shanhaitian tourism resort 4 people. Specific positions will be analyzed.In 2022, junior college students can apply for the recruitment of public institutions in Rizhao Health system. 187 people with college degree or above will be recruited for 47 positions, accounting for 32% of the total number.Among them, 66 applicants can apply for 19 positions without any restriction.This is a very good opportunity for the students of junior college education, seize the opportunity to sign up!There are 144 positions with bachelor degree or above, and 356 positions, accounting for 61% of the total number, while only 29 postgraduates are recruiting 37 people. This also shows that the educational requirements of this recruitment are not too high, and qualified candidates can seize the opportunity to register for examination.And of graduate student record of formal schooling requirement only there is in city direct recruit for a job, the county area of the rest does not have graduate student record of formal schooling requirement, it is the post that wants specialized subject and undergraduate course record of formal schooling requirement only all have, and it is to basically accord with professional requirement to be able to enter oneself for an examination very much.After checking the job list, xiaobian found that there are 104 positions in this recruitment which have no other requirements, but only professional requirements.Health care is a restricted specialty in all recruitment, so it is an open-ended position with no other requirements.Specific post can see relevant specific post table.Straight post: http://hrss.rizhao.gov.cn/art/2022/3/30/art_33298_10297732.html j post: http://www.juxian.gov.cn/art/2022/3/31/art_163432 _10311754. HTML lanshan post: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/BZegKuStUM3UkQzvpf296Q ShanHaiTian resort jobs:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/xvGaVYBM4FturPv2AYyPHQ no conditions, 104 jobs for 299 people, has 13 is hiring 66 college degree and above can enter oneself for an examination (table) as follows;There are 72 positions for 208 applicants with a bachelor’s degree or above;There are still 19 vacancies for 25 people with graduate degrees.However, it is both a good advantage and a bad advantage. It is a good opportunity for students without certificates, but the bad thing is that their competitiveness is fierce.The recruitment does not specify the positions that fresh graduates are required to apply for, which means that non-graduates can apply.But in the examination conditions said: apply for a nursing post, must have a nurse practitioner qualification (nurse practitioner qualification examination results have not yet registered within the validity period);There is no requirement for the nurse qualification for 2022 graduates.The employer and the employee sign an employment contract and stipulate a probation period of one year according to regulations. If the employee fails to obtain the corresponding professional qualification during the probation period, the employment contract shall be terminated according to law.Those who have obtained the corresponding qualification must indicate the date of obtaining the qualification in the registration system.So when registering for a post, we must carefully check the requirements in the recruitment conditions and posts to register for an examination, and we must register in advance, so as not to limit the conditions. What we do not pass before signing up can be re-reported to the rest of the posts, but we can not modify the registration through.

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