Hubei Shiyan Public Security Bureau: to carry out regular special business training of “finding and blocking prevention” to promote the standardization of law enforcement

Rule of Law Daily all media reporter Liu Zhiyue correspondent Wu Tao Song Jianbin “Police ‘in accordance with the law’ shooting is correct!”In the morning of February 11, shiyan city, Hubei Province, a “red and blue confrontation” debate to “on-site disposal of police should not shoot” for the debate is tense.Shiyan city public Security bureau from the city’s public security organs 14 participating teams, 41 players stand out of the 6 players, according to a real domestic police situation, the red side to the scene should shoot the police for the argument, the blue side to the scene should not shoot the police for the argument debate.The event was broadcast live to the grassroots teams in the form of video conference, and a total of more than 2000 auxiliary police watched the competition live.The picture shows the award scene of the special training competition of “finding and preventing traffic jams” held by Shiyan Public Security Bureau of Hubei Province.Song Jianbin / / The debate scene was tense and enthusiastic, the debaters fought for time and wit, and the audience was brought into a speculative “feast”.After nearly an hour of barb, combined with the performance of the preliminary competition teams, after the judges’ on-site evaluation and scoring, finally, the bus branch won the first prize, Maojian branch, Zhangwan branch won the second prize, Dongyue branch, traffic management bureau, Yunyang branch won the third prize, Danjiangkou Public Security Bureau won the excellent organization award.Fifteen debaters won the honorary titles of “Outstanding Debaters” and “Top ten Debaters”.In order to implement the deployment requirements of the provincial public Security Department on the “first button” of law enforcement, improve the standardized level of police situation disposal, and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of law enforcement, Shiyan City Public Security Bureau held a regular “find and prevent” special business training competition.The debate was one of many events.”We will intensify education and training and combat training, carry out training on police reception and handling, law enforcement and case handling, and emergency response in various modes, and effectively strengthen the police’s awareness of law enforcement and safety, the rule of law, procedures and evidence, and improve their ability to standardize law enforcement.”Shiyan city vice mayor, city public security bureau chief Dong Qifeng pointed out that to use “find plugging prevention” well method, improve stability Ann ability level, further strengthening the concept of “integration”, the crack problem of collaboration of police, continuously improve the occupational protection, continue to deepen “police protection project” construction, and study to perfect the police law enforcement common disposal mechanism to prevent risks,It has clarified the rules for the implementation of exemption from liability for performing duties in accordance with the law and for the tolerance and correction of mistakes, so as to establish protective barriers for police officers to perform their duties in accordance with the law and remove worries.The public security work needs more help and support from the Political and Legislative Committee, the procurator’s department and all sectors of society to jointly create a social environment of “abiding by the law, respecting the law and abiding by it”.In recent years, to further standardize law enforcement, shiyan public security organs shall, in accordance with the unified plan of the hubei province public security department, the surrounding people, case, content, field, and the key factors of law enforcement, adhere to the hardware base, science and technology support, and also in law enforcement standardization and law enforcement process under the aspect of informatization, promote the building of law enforcement working place standardization renovation project.At present, the 12 county-level public security organs of Shiyan city have set up high-standard case management centers, property management centers and case handling centers. Special information systems are used, special management standards are issued, full-time and part-time management personnel are employed, and retrospective management of the whole process of law enforcement is implemented, which has laid a solid foundation for fair law enforcement.The public security organs of Shiyan city also equipped the police with new law enforcement recorders, which further enhanced the credibility of law enforcement.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)

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