Product features of waste incinerator

As China pays more and more attention to environmental protection, waste treatment has also received widespread attention.Unlike in the past, most people use burial skills, leading to secondary pollution.At present, incineration is mainly used for disposal.What kind of waste does a refuse incinerator mainly deal with?Here is an explanation for each.Incineration is a high temperature heat treatment skill, that is, with a certain amount of air in the process and the waste to be treated in the incinerator for oxidation and incineration reaction, the toxic and harmful substances in the waste are oxidized and pyrolyzed at high temperature and are damaged, is a kind of waste can complete harmless, reduction, resource treatment skills.The industrial waste incinerator produced by our company adopts the most advanced incineration method of primary pyrolysis gasification + coiling air co-combustion + secondary incineration + burnout treatment.It has the characteristics of wide incineration scale, high incineration efficiency and stable operation.SouTu editors need to understanding the product characteristics of garbage incinerator, industrial wastes (waste polymer) : 1 plastic PE, PU, rubber (tyre), styrofoam, plastic bottles, fiber, foam, cloth, resin, acrylic, leather, cattle scurfy, laminated board, bakelite, urea, powder, melons, tapes, paint, polymer, etc.;2, medical waste: syringes, gloves, bags, gauze, blood transfusion tubes, organs and other infectious waste;3, aviation waste: airport day waste, food waste, etc.;4, day waste: cardboard, paper, wood chips, leaves, etc.;5, all kinds of animal carcasses, livestock, etc.;6. Waste in the expressway service area, etc.SouTu editor

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