Settle!No work day off arrangement!

According to The General Office of the State Council, the Spring Festival holiday in 2022 will last from Monday, Jan 31, to Sunday, Feb 6, and people will have to go to work on Monday.According to the schedule, February 12th (Saturday), February 13th (Sunday) will be off work.Happy or not?Although the Spring Festival holiday, but some workers can not escape the fate of overtime, so the question arises, the Spring Festival overtime, how to pay?According to the labor law of the People’s Republic of China legal holiday arranges laborer to work, pay not the of 300% pay pay under salary playday arrange laborer to work to cannot arrange again fill pay not the of 200% pay pay under salary today is the first day of the holiday to work in order to help you quickly switch back to “work mode” to teach you a few ways to help you quicklyOff the possible “post-holiday syndrome” how to adjust their physical and mental state after the holiday how to avoid post-holiday syndrome?After the Long Spring Festival holiday, people return to their jobs.After a long vacation, people are prone to physical and psychological maladjustment, also known as post-holiday syndrome.If in the two or three days after the festival feeling tired, can not lift the spirit, the work efficiency of the work is low, there is even unknown reason nausea, dizziness, intestinal reaction, anorexia nervosa, anxiety, neurasthenia, etc..Set schedule buffer out of the comfort zone ahead of end of the holiday, people need to leave the leisurely and comfortable atmosphere, immediately return to the working state of the high tension, as a result of the psychological and physiological “inertia”, will feel very not adapt, to produce the work of discomfort, and even there will be problems such as depression, anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia.At this time we should adjust in advance, take the initiative to adapt, might as well give yourself a life, work and rest buffer period.For example, on the last day of the holiday, consciously do something related to work to adjust their psychological state back to work.The most important thing is to be at peace with the fact that these symptoms occur naturally when people restart their work, and embrace the restart process.In addition, work arrangement should be gradual, can start from simple work, slowly transition to the normal working rhythm.Adjust your body clock as soon as possible During a long holiday, people tend to disrupt their normal sleep and rest time and lose their regular life, so it is easy to suffer from insomnia, early awakening, depression and lack of energy after the holiday.In this case, we should adjust our body clock as soon as possible, according to the original normal work rhythm of the schedule.Try not to stay up late at night and get up when your alarm goes off to wake you up quickly.During the Spring Festival holiday, people tend to increase the intake of food, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the amount of exercise significantly reduced, the consequences are not only “every festival fat three catties” so simple, people’s “spirit” will also be affected, the whole person becomes “lazy”.Therefore, after the festival to gradually resume exercise, eliminate fatigue, restore energy, at the same time enhance the function of the digestive system, improve immunity.Exercise can also ease depression and stress, which can go a long way in helping to adjust to a busy work schedule and lose the “New Year weight”.In addition, we advocate “health in life, life, nutrition and biochemistry”. In the period when sports venues are relatively limited, we can integrate sports health into daily life.For example, increase housework, take elevators less, climb stairs more, get off the bus in advance and walk to the destination, so as to improve their physical condition.If you are still immersed in the joy of the holiday xiaobian remind you or quickly adjust the state, take heart with hard pay to harvest the next year’s return in the New Year come on!!Source: Hohhot News Network

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