The first batch of “Yangjiang Flavor” off the line

On the seventh day of the first lunar month, the flavor of the New Year has not receded, the condiment enterprises in Yangxi Park began to work nervously and busily.The New Year’s orders of Guangdong Meiweiyuan Spice Co., Ltd. are off to a “good start”, and the staff are full of energy. The first batch of condiments produced after the New Year are freshly released and sold to all parts of the country. “Yangjiang flavor” is fragrant all over the country.Early in the morning, the major workshops of Guangdong Meiweiyuan Spice Co., Ltd. have been busy, the workers are nervous and orderly in each process of work, the scene is in full swing.After pasting, filling and other processes, the compound condiments on the production line enter the packaging workshop.Zhu Miaona, reporter of Yangxi Rong Media Center: Packaging is the last process of products. Today, I am packaging a sauce product, and such products should reach 200 packages per box, so that the finished products can be sent to e-commerce platforms across the country.In the company’s packaging area warehouse, sauces, condiments are full of products, forklifts shuttle back and forth in the warehouse for customers to distribute goods, these products will be sold across the country, so that people around the taste of yangjiang.Chen Xiaoyang, director of outsourcing workshop of Guangdong Meiwei Source Spice Co., LTD. : The business volume completed today is about 50,000 to 60,000 packages.Now our workshop is all hands on deck.In the New Year, we must continue to ensure the quality of our products.It is understood that Guangdong Meiweiyuan Spice Co., Ltd. is one of the condiment enterprises in Zhongshan Torch (Yangxi) Industrial transfer Park. It is an enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales of edible spices and high-end seasonings, with an annual production capacity of 25,000 tons of spices and compound seasonings.On the first day after the holiday, 70% of the company’s employees have already arrived at their posts. We are all full of energy and full of spirit to meet the post-holiday work, so that “Yangjiang taste” moves towards a broader market.Chen Zhiguang, chairman of Guangdong Gourmet Source Spice Co., LTD. : We have a total of five workshops, and all five workshops are in operation, and it is expected to produce 40 tons of products today.In 2022, we will focus on the development of prepared dishes. We have set a target of 30% increase in orders every year. Seeing the momentum, we are confident to achieve it.Text and video source: Yangxi County Rong Media Center

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