Ministry of Public Security: So far this year, 50 policemen have died in the line of duty

According to the Ministry of Public Security, since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, more than 16,000 police officers have died in the line of duty, of whom more than 3,700 have been named martyrs.Since the 18th CPC National Congress, more than 3,600 police officers have died in the line of duty, more than 200 of whom have been named martyrs.Since the beginning of this year, another 50 policemen have died in the line of duty.The political department of the Ministry of Public Security recently issued a notice asking public security organs across the country to conscientiously organize commemorative activities for police heroes during qingming Festival.In peacetime, the public security forces have made the most sacrifices and contributed the most, the notice said.With their blood and lives, the heroes of the police have interpreted their boundless loyalty to the Party and the people and their boundless love for the cause of the public security, and composed a series of magnificent songs of praise to the heroes.Shall carefully organize the memorial ceremony, the notification requirements, under the condition of the epidemic prevention and control allows, police officers throughout the public security of the memorial square, museum, memorial wall, martyrs cemetery and memorial memorial activities carried out revolutionary tradition education base, through the flowers, a moment of silence, revisit the party into the oath, etc., pay the public security of the great feat,To express the deep memory of our fallen comrades.The public security organs should set up a special topic of “Homage •2022 Tomb-Sweeping Festival for martyrs” on their website, and pay their respects and express their condolences by offering flowers and writing messages online.To rely on the government information platform and other resources, build online memorial platform, carry out “online memorial” “remote memorial”, remembering relatives and comrades.On the eve of The Qingming Festival, the family members of police heroes should be visited to help solve the “urgent and anxious” problem, the notice said.For the bereaved families of heroes with special difficulties, specific plans should be formulated to provide one-to-one assistance and help in pairs, and targeted and regular care work should be done.We should take the initiative to invite relevant functional departments to participate in the condolence activities, and promote the introduction of more policies and measures to help the police.We will organize seminars on the sympathy of the children of heroes in public security colleges and encourage them to always listen to and follow the Party, be loyal to the cause of public security, and be determined to serve the motherland.(SOURCE: People’s Daily)

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