Representatives of 16 clubs have differences but do not object to the football Association’s salary reduction, the responsible person is very responsible

The high salary of Chinese Super League players makes foreigners feel surprised, because our players are not so high level, but they get such high salary, such a disproportionate proportion will have serious consequences.The Football Association tried its best to change this situation. The Chinese Football Association began to issue documents to reduce the salaries of local players and foreign players. It was impossible to see local players worth tens of millions of yuan in the Chinese Super League, and it was also impossible to see big-name foreign players with high salaries.There is also strict control of club input, which will definitely be opposed by the CSL clubs because it is in the interests of these people.But to our surprise, the directors of these clubs were not against it, although they were a little divided.Because everyone knows that if Chinese football wants to get better, it must reduce salary and control club expenditure.Such a policy would indeed benefit the country and the people.We can see from this incident that although the overall environment of Chinese Super League is not good in the past two years due to the epidemic and other factors, the directors of these clubs are basically very responsible.High salary is not a good thing, some players can’t even stop the ball, but they get high salary, the more this happens, the faster our football will decline.I hope the salary cut can help our CSL players come out of the luxurious life, play well, not always like luxury cars, mansions and beautiful women, and think more about Chinese football.

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