The fifth day of the New Year to meet the God of wealth, fire safety is not distracted, home sacrifice pay attention to fire prevention

Today is the fifth day of the first lunar month. In the traditional Custom of the New Year, we should not only hold “breaking five” activities but also “welcome the God of wealth” as the saying goes:”Column on the fifth day, the source of” annual fifth against the god of wealth this custom has a long history of families will be held on this day ritual activities pray for good harvest in the New Year with a rich blessing in accordance with the customs, some people will choose to go to temple incense but this year in order to further strengthen epidemic prevention and control work according to the provincial, city epidemic prevention and control requirements:Religious activity places a “double suspended” to further do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to prevent cross infection, the public to protect religious believers and tourists life safety and body health, epidemic prevention and control requirements, according to the provinces and cities, hangzhou lingyin temple temple, the temple, ling shun temple, net Keats temple and other places of religious activity have issued a notice:From now on, a “double suspension” (suspension of open venues and collective religious activities) will be implemented, and no worshippers or tourists will be received.The opening time will be announced later. I hope tourists pay close attention to the real-time epidemic prevention policy, do their own protection, and jointly fight the epidemic.If you choose to sacrifice more attention should be paid to occupy the inappropriate caused fire with fire worship is not an old woman home, almost home burn out on July 21, 2019, hangzhou is a family in the old lady want to point at home a incense and candles, consecrate guanyin bodhisattva, but I didn’t think the old lady didn’t staring at the candle and incense, tube yourself away,The falling ash ignited combustible material nearby.After receiving the alarm, the fire immediately out to rescue, put out the fire, the fire caused no casualties.On the early morning of December 22, 2019, a fire broke out in room 2401, building B1, jiangnan Coastal Garden, ancient Town of Zhongshan, and six people were found dead at the scene.According to the investigation team of “December 22” residential fire accident in Guzhen town, room 2401 entered the shrine on the porch of the house, and the fire was left behind and spread to the disaster.Sacrifice at home to fight epidemic together fire safety must pay attention to make civilized sacrifice into a habit

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