Drunk driving without a license and illegal driving and capricious drivers were arrested

Recently, Yuanjiang County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade police in the daily patrol process, seized a set of driving without a license, drunk driving, illegal manned and other traffic violations in a driver, timely elimination of accident hidden dangers.At about 12 o ‘clock on February 13, when the police were carrying out their daily patrol on yuanche line, they found an unlicensed and manned three-wheeled motorcycle running on the road in front of them. The police immediately stepped forward and signaled it to pull over.In the process of questioning, the police smelled the driver’s body exhaled a breath of alcohol, after the breath-alcohol test, the result was 44mg/100ml, belongs to the driving motor vehicle after drinking.When the police asked him to show his driver’s license, the man hesitated and could not do so.Upon further inspection, the police found that the man had not obtained a driving license, and the vehicle had not undergone a safety technical test within the prescribed time limit.According to the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, the police fined the driver 2300 yuan for a number of traffic violations such as driving a motor vehicle after drinking, driving without a license, carrying people illegally and failing to check the motor vehicle within the prescribed period.Source: Traffic police brigade editor: Li Xian Rect: Pu Song review: Zhang Guoping

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