How to run the 400 meters fast?

The 400 meters are short distance running events.Want to run fast, it is necessary to grasp the “fast, uniform speed, sprint” these three rhythm changes, and then adjust slightly according to their own situation.When running 400 meters, the first 100 meters can not directly into the sprint state, the general is to take out 90% to run.If you sprint at the beginning, you will fall behind after 150 meters due to exhaustion.Of course, this 90% force is also an estimate, but also need to be determined according to the specific situation, not to open the gap between the first group as the standard.Of course, there is also such a situation, the same group of players at the beginning of the fierce competition for position, in this case, we need to use more force to grab a good position, which is a great result in the final image.After keeping up with the overall rhythm of the first group, I should make quick adjustments according to my own situation. I should deepen my breathing, increase my arm swing and stride length, and try to find an appropriate running rhythm. If conditions permit, it is better to run at a uniform speed, which saves the most effort.In the middle of the 400 meters, the 200 meters, is the best time to adjust, but also pay attention to the pace of the first group, and pay attention to all the movement of the peripheral vision.In the last 100 meters, mind you, don’t go straight into the sprint, because we’re not going to be able to sustain it.Slowly pick up speed until the last 50 meters, when the final sprint horn is sounded.This time do not have to observe the position of others, just need to put all their strength out.This is a big tactical policy for the 400 meters, and if you follow it very strictly, coupled with your excellent running ability, you will have a good time.

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