Li Congke: Other people lick their blood through the knife to fight a country. I just have to cry a little

(Later Tang Dynasty) Changxing four years, 933 AD.Li Conghou, the third emperor of the later Tang Dynasty, made a fool of himself.That year, he transferred Luwang Li Congke from Fengxiang to Hedong and reappointed him to hedong.My friends, Fengxiang and Hedong are really one heaven and one earth.Fengxiang is located in the west of guanzhong Plain, with simple folk customs and abundant materials. It is also a choke point in military sense.Hedong, though it was one of the major birthplaces of the Chinese nation and the cradle of Chinese civilization, was not a good place during the Five Dynasties and Ten States.Located in the Grand Canyon of Qin and Jin Dynasties and in the middle of the Yellow River, it was sparsely populated and lacked of materials. The troops left behind were old and weak.No matter how foolish Li Congke was, he knew what li Conghou, the young Emperor min of the Tang Dynasty, meant.I mean, we’re gonna go after ourselves.For Li Congke, faced with such a job transfer and deliberately suppressed, his heart is very unhappy.From the party secretary of a big city, directly to a small county when the deputy director, who accepted?He is the adopted son of Li Siyuan, emperor of tang Dynasty, and li Conghou is not his own brother, no blood relationship, but at least in terms of ethics and morality is also brother.(the later tang dynasty Ming zong mingzong of later tang image) over the years, I lee’s royal family can be said to be loyal to you, I lead the charge, out the back rest ping shu before I reached evidence, of the qidan nationality in the time I also in front of the army, the later tang dynasty dynasty li jinxiu, wanli, that are my licking blood for Li Congke incision.How about now?Now the seas are calm and the seas are obedient.Don’t invade, don’t fight, the emperor wants to enjoy, must clean up the hero first?Rabbit dead, dog cook, birds do, good bow hide.Li Congke thought that Li Conghou, emperor Min of the Tang Dynasty, was suspected of killing the emperor, but in fact, it was not li Conghou’s fault, because he had nothing to do with the emperor.In the court of the later Tang dynasty, there were two ministers with the greatest influence.One was privy envoy Zhu Hongzhao, the other was envoy feng Yun of xuanhui North Court.Zhu and Feng are the political stage to wind wind, rain rain characters, not only in the court power is huge, but even the emperor is not in the eye.But Li Conghou, the emperor of Min, was timid and cowardly since he was a child. After he became the emperor, he was even more indecisive and had no ideas of his own. Therefore, zhu and Feng basically had the final say in state affairs, no matter how big or small.And Zhu Hongzhao and Feng Yun weekdays the most despise, is strongly entrenched outside the festival li Congke.To them, Li Congke was the adopted son of the former emperor, and he had military power in his hand.Such a person, must be rectified, or in due course of time, Li Congke mixed head, was kicked out of the political card table, is his Zhu Hongzhao and Feng Yun.He was dissatisfied, but he had nowhere to vent. He was a court official, while Li Conghou was the emperor. If the emperor wanted you to die, you would die if you didn’t say anything else.You don’t say, Li Congke is really brave.Heart in Fengxiang body in Wu, floating Pengjiang Sea talks to urge.If he gets lofty ambition, dare to laugh at huang Chao not husband!Not only did he dare to refuse the edict of transfer to Hedong, but he openly raised the flag of rebellion there.In the first year of Yingshun, in 934, Li Congke, king of Lu, led a rebellion. He planned to start from Fengxiang and march eastward. It would be better to capture cities and occupy territory all the way, and finally capture Luoyang, bring down Li Conghou, Emperor Min, and become emperor himself.The idea is beautiful, but the reality is brutal.When the imperial court heard the news of Li Congke’s disobedience and rebellion, it reacted quickly and immediately sent the general Wang Sitong to lead the campaign.(Image of Wang Sitong) General Wang was a ruthless man. After he got the order, he immediately united the garrisons around Fengxiang city, quickly assembled and attacked, and soon surrounded Fengxiang City.Didn’t you, Li Congke, want to rebel?Think a single spark can start a prairie fire?Good!I will kill your rebellion in its cradle, and I will not let you out of Fengxiang City!Wang Sitong’s move is really very clever.Li Congke is not afraid to wear shoes barefoot, if let him run out of Fengxiang City, he ran around, it is really not easy to clean up.But now he is trapped in Fengxiang, where the city is low and the river is narrow and shallow, so it is only a matter of time to surround and capture Li Congke.Moreover, Wang Sitong had more than 100,000 strong soldiers, while Li Congke had less than 30,000 soldiers. In terms of troops, Wang Sitong also had a great advantage.As soon as the battle began, fengxiang West pass and the eastern part of the city were lost one after another, and li Congke’s army suffered more than half of its casualties. If the battle continued, not only the city would be lost, but Li Congke himself would also be killed.At this critical moment, Li Congke, with a heavy heart, approached the city and looked at the distance.The dying sun is like blood, reflecting the earth.In the distance, the majestic mountains hook out of the magnificent jiangshan beautiful, lush trees set off a vibrant school of vitality.This river is so beautiful, who can not stay?But at this time, he has been defeated, the soldiers desperately fought, but have fallen in a pool of blood.The tide seems to have passed.Li Congke paced slowly, stood on the edge of the city, and gave a long sigh.Then he took off his mottled armour and removed his lined jacket to reveal his solid upper torso.Li Congke’s chest and back were covered with horrific wounds of different sizes.Now he was standing at the head of the castle with two lines of clear tears streaming down his face. Immediately he burst into tears and said, “You see, all the scars on my body are from the time I fought for the Li family.I followed the former Emperor (Li Cunxu and Li Siyuan) when I was young. I ran through trials and tribulations and fought countless battles. Until now, I got the scars.He mourned for himself and turned to the soldiers below, crying: Now, the Lord’s favor and suspicion of the crafty sycophants have driven me to such a state.What kind of fault did LI Congke commit after all?To suffer such a punishment!Seven foot man, full of tears, on this cold and heartless battlefield.Crying?It was a cowardly act, because history does not believe in tears.(Image of Li Congke, the last emperor of the Later Tang Dynasty) Li Congke’s cry, however, produced an unexpected effect for him.He burst into tears and told his story. Many soldiers who attacked the city felt pity for him. They could not bear to believe that they changed sides and joined Li Congke’s army.Not only were the soldiers, Wang Sitong’s generals, such as Yin Hui, yu Lin Army command Yang Siquan surrendered and defected to Li Congke.As a result, Li Congke, who had been defeated like a mountain, had the support of his soldiers and came back from the dead. He not only defended the city, but also wiped out his imperial army.The defeat without suspense was unexpectedly overturned by Li Congke.Li Congke, it seems that God has chosen you.Only if you lose everything will you know how strong you are.Li Congke, the victor, not only won the battle of Fengxiang, but also actively expanded his forces. The army was in full force and headed for Luoyang. However, Li Conghou, emperor Min, was very calm after hearing the news of the defeat of the anti-rebellion army.He called all his ministers together and calmly expressed his opinion: When the late emperor passed away, I had no intention of assuming the throne. It was only with your support that I could take the throne.Later, two ministers zhu Feng ordered me to disintegrate lu King Li Congke’s forces, I was not willing to, but although I was the son of heaven, in this court, but the voice of the people, had to listen to the opinions of the ministers.The army sent by the imperial Court had been defeated, and now I was too defeated to struggle any longer.(Image of Li Conghou, Emperor Min of the later Tang Dynasty) I plan to go to the west and welcome Lu King Li Congke to the palace and offer him the throne. If he is willing, he will be the emperor of this dynasty from now on.If he doesn’t want it, I have no conscience but to die.Every word bleed, every word treasure.Perhaps, this is the life of the emperor depressed, now, the last gentle.Yingshun first year, 934 AD, April.Lu King Li Congke led the army straight into Chang ‘an, Baiguan persuaded, two days later, Li Congke is the emperor, known as the end of the Tang dynasty.Li Conghou, the emperor of Min who willingly gave up his throne, was poisoned with a cup of wine by li Congke’s men on an ordinary day. He was only twenty-one years old.Before his death, Li Conghou looked up to the sky and sighed: If I could vanish among all the people someday, I would no longer be this lonely emperor.The later Tang dynasty ushered in its new master and his last master.For Li congke, becoming emperor did not mean a free ride, but a more serious situation.This grave situation had a very specific name – hedong section commander, Shi Jing tang.Shi Jing tang (portrait of Gao-zu Shi Jing tang) tang shi Jing tang was not only a general, but also the son-in-law of Li Si-yuan, emperor of the tang Dynasty and Emperor Mingzong.Moreover, it was shi Jing tang, one of the kinsmen who had ambitions all along, that led to this tragedy.So even when Li Congke became emperor, he was not very happy.Because he knew that if the later Tang did not have a unified national regime, then he would always face the threat of general defection and further rebellion.He became more aware of the simple but profound truth that there is no light without darkness.Li Congke knew that he did not need to understand many things in the world, but he had to accept them.Because only those who truly understand the cruelty and ugliness of the world, who are struck by the merciless reality and tortured by severe pain, can become truly strong.In those days, he left tears in fengxiang city, now has become a hard amber between his hands.He must go on steadfastly, even if it is a dead end, a road of no return.He still has to work alone to overcome potential, or already demonstrated, opponents.What he didn’t expect was that the opponent he was about to face would be so ferocious, so terrible.He will push Li Congke to two places, which are: the land of eternal fate, the land of death without burial.Li Congke, are you ready?

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