One gold and one bronze, a dramatic day in sports for China, winning both the winter Olympics gold and the summer Olympics bronze MEDALS

February 19 will surely go down in Chinese sports history.Because on this day, China’s Sui Wenjing/Han Cong won the gold medal in pairs figure skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics.They ranked first in the short program, first in the free skate, and with an undisputed performance, Beijing fulfilled its dream.It was also the day that Su Bingtian, Xie Zhenye, Tang Xingqiang and Wu Zhiqiang of China won bronze MEDALS in the men’s 4x100m at the Tokyo Olympics.A member of the British silver medal team was stripped of his silver medal because of a doping test.The bronze medal was awarded to the silver medal, and the Chinese team, which had placed fourth, won the bronze medal.In a day of unprecedented sporting drama for China, team China won both a winter Olympic gold medal and a summer Olympic bronze medal.On Feb. 19, after Sui Wenjing and Han Cong won gold MEDALS at the Winter Olympics, the Chinese team had four bobsledders and cross-country skiers on Feb. 20, but none of them had anything to do with MEDALS.China won 9 gold MEDALS, 4 silver MEDALS and 2 bronze MEDALS with 15 gold MEDALS at the Beijing Winter Olympics, with a gold medal winning rate of 60% and a medal winning rate of 100%, ranking third in the gold medal tally.This Winter Olympics, The Victory of The Chinese team is definitely not only the 9 gold MEDALS, 15 MEDALS.The Olympics are in epidemic prevention and control has achieved stunning achievement, we held the winter Olympics in epidemic prevention and control of the most difficult winter, our Olympic Games is the audience, but the athletes in the game, we enjoy the Olympic Games, did not hear a little about the outbreak, the games done perfectly simple, safe and very exciting.When Sui wenjing and Han Cong won the gold medal, we saw shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo hugging each other after winning the same event in Vancouver.One of them is now the president of the Chinese Skating Federation and the other is the coach of Sui Wenjing/Han Cong.Similarly, Han Xiaopeng took the gold medal project, Qi Guangpu took this time.The event in which Yang Yang won a gold medal has become our gold medal event in every Winter Olympics.We have every reason to believe that one of our gold MEDALS in the Winter Olympics will be passed on from one gold medal to another.This is the most precious treasure Beijing Winter Olympics brings to us.

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