Saudi Arabia has launched a new initiative to boost digital content creation and media production

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, February 3, 2022 / PRNEWswire / — Saudi Arabia today announced the launch of a new digital content creation and production initiative Ignite, making new investments and support for the next generation of connected and communications infrastructure;And a partnership in which Trend Micro will open its regional headquarters in Riyadh.The announcements were made on LEAP22, Riyadh’s global technology platform.US$1.1bn Ignite to Uplift Saudi Digital Content Creation The new initiatives and investments are part of Saudi Arabia’s plan to accelerate its digital ecosystem and leverage its position in the MenA region to become a leading international digital economy.IGNITE Digital Content Council has announced a new plan to transform Saudi Arabia into a leading center for digital entertainment and media production. IGNITE aims to create an integrated ecosystem that attracts digital content companies and develops the local media and content creation industry.Ignite the goal is to Saudi Arabia in the games, audio, video and digital content in the field of advertising market scale expansion to three times get a $1.1 billion investment to support the plan, incentives for local, regional and international companies and start-ups finance infrastructure development talent development plan and improve policies and regulations.The plan includes funding to support the local film and game industries. Saudi Arabia will also strengthen intellectual property protection measures and provide one-stop services to simplify the investment process.Saudi Arabia has announced the launch of WiFi 6E, which is supported by the largest amount of WiFi spectrum in every country in the world. The combination of advanced technology and record amount of spectrumIt is estimated that implementing this advanced connection will increase the total contribution of WiFi to Saudi Arabia’s GDP from us $4.7 billion in 2021 to over US $18 billion by 2030.Saudi Arabia’s WiFi upgrade got the blessing of other measures, including the Middle East for the first time low earth orbit (LEO) satellite technology experiment, by extending the reliable coverage to the remote areas in Saudi Arabia CITC will also hold a spectrum auction in the first half of this year, this development may make Saudi Arabia in the worldwide, the first to provide 5 g spectrum.TREND MICRO has announced the establishment of its Middle East and Africa (MEA) regional headquarters in Riyadh, a secure data lake, cyber Security Center of Excellence and other investments in Saudi Arabia,Totalling more than us $50 million, these investments are designed to reinforce Trend Micro’s ongoing commitment to protecting public and private organizations in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East.LEAP will be the world’s largest platform for new technologies, focusing on the global innovation ecosystem and connecting numerous industry pioneers and disrupters with corporate and government leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to experience and learn about future technologies.

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