The beautiful white essence that numerous got talent push hard, what magic power is there after all?

The pursuit of skin white appearance is the girl to his appearance of strict requirements, and “skin white” even in the “appearance of the United States” in front of the so-called “one white cover 100 ugly” crowd is always the most conspicuous fair-skinned person.But the vast majority of people due to congenital or acquired reasons, skin color is not satisfactory, so “whitening” this thing is particularly important.May be because search whitening search, recently xiaobian often brush to many people recommended a whitening essence, is XEQ nicotinamide whitening essence.XEQ is a skincare brand under the cosmetics giant Devo International Group.This product has many bloggers have recommended, look down to sum up the advantages of nothing more than good, parity, the key is, it still has whitening special card!Speaking of this whitening special card, the application process is really too tedious.However, it is necessary to pay attention to the point that the safety of the “whitening special certificate” products is recognized by the National Food and Drug Administration. When buying whitening products, you can check whether the products are in line with the relevant provisions.After all, there are countless pits on the way of whitening, such as skin quality problems, no effect, wrong ingredients, proportion problems and even excessive heavy metals and rotten face. There can be a “history of blood and tears” as high as tens of thousands of words!The list of whitening ingredients pretty girls remember better than the periodic table.Recently, the “377 banned” event has caused a great uproar in the skincare circle and has been highly discussed online.Not long ago, the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) found that some enterprises illegally added phenylethyl catecheol (commonly known as 377), a raw material that only has whitening effect, to ordinary products during the quality spot check of domestic ordinary products.The raw material is a new cosmetic raw material approved by the former State Food and Drug Administration in 2012. The only approved purpose is to “whiten skin and inhibit the formation of melanin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase”.The above added phenylethyl resorcin record of ordinary products suspected of violating the “Cosmetics supervision and Management Regulations” relevant provisions, the provincial drug administration has begun to deal with according to law.Whitening agents belong to a class of raw materials with relatively high risk, so the State Food and Drug Administration strictly controls this, adding whitening ingredients in accordance with the provisions of new raw material registration, registration or registration can be used.In addition to the 377 mentioned above, other whitening ingredients are arbutin, VC, nicotinamide and so on.When choosing whitening products, it is best to choose regular and qualified products with special whitening licenses, pay attention to the concentration of effective ingredients of products, and pay attention to the irritation of whitening products on the skin when using them.Tolerance needs to be established slowly in large areas of use, if discomfort or irritation reaction such as tingling, itching, redness and so on should be immediately discontinued.In addition, also need to pay attention to do sunscreen oh!May everyone become whiter and more beautiful!

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