Today’s oil price news: oil price adjustment in 2 days, this year’s oil price “cumulative upward” more than 655 yuan ton

Latest oil price adjustment news: Today, February 15, 2022, the 15th day of the first lunar month, Tuesday.Today marks the annual Lantern Festival.Xiaobian with sincere blessing, I wish the majority of car friends and readers happy Yuanxiao, I hope everyone’s day is very sweet, like the dumplings I sent you;Life is beautiful, as bright as spring;Good life, like your smiling face at this time;Beaming, like a blessing;Everything goes well, like the blue sky forever.Happy Lantern Festival again!After a short period of crude oil down storm, ushered in a rising situation, the same in congratulating us happy Lantern Festival?Don’t say don’t know, said startled, yesterday crude oil and a small margin of a small drop, but can not withstand such a toss and turn, but xiaobian can be very sure that in February 17, the oil price is an inevitable trend, so we do not have much hope of falling or stranded, as soon as possible to fill up the gas!Next oil price correction: 2 days.Daily oil price reminds you: in recent days, the fluctuation range is large, the rate of change of domestic crude oil keeps rising in the positive range, the rate of change of refined oil:4.1%. According to the refined oil price adjustment mechanism and the Petroleum Price Management Measures, it is estimated that the increase of refined oil in China will reach 175 yuan/ton. If the international oil price continues to maintain a high and volatile trend, the retail price limit of refined oil will be raised this time.The next round of price adjustment will take place at 24:00 on February 17, 2022.Today, the price of gasoline and diesel oil in China’s main regional units also shows a trend of shock rising, the space was hovering at 50-200 yuan/ton, only in Fujian and Liaoning diesel oil trend change drop space in 50-100 yuan/ton.Another is so far, has been underway for two rounds, respectively, the rise in January 17, 345 yuan/ton, the rise in January 29, 310 yuan/ton, two together to rise as high as 655 yuan/ton, how high a data, and this also will rise, so in order to drivers to purse a little less, before pricing focusing on adding oil!!!!International oil price information International crude oil prices, although a slight downward trend yesterday, but not very clear.As of today, the latest WTI US crude oil price at $92.34 / barrel, the highest: $94.94 / barrel, the lowest: $92.09 / barrel;Brent crude was quoted at $93.06 / BBL, with a high of $96.16 / BBL and a low of $93.44 / BBL.Positive international oil prices:Factors supporting the oil price recently, the first is issued according to the IEA’s oil market report, after the outbreak of the global rebound in crude oil demand, but supply growth is relatively lagging behind, by multiple factors such as investment insufficiency, the supply side, OPEC + oil producing countries has been planned resume suspension of crude oil production capacity, and this trend will further support the oil;If Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is confirmed this week, the end of supply is expected to push prices up another 10%.Libya has restarted four oil fields in the west of the country, bringing total oil production back to 1.2 million barrels per day (BPD), but oil production has been affected by the unstable situation.Multiple factors directly support oil prices continue to rise.Bearish international oil prices:Remains as small make up before said the Iranian nuclear agreement to lift sanctions, will be the release of a wide range of crude oil produced by Iran, another is the United States is in constant “flames” but U.S. crude oil production is still on the rise, as well as under the pressure of high inflation, will speed up the rate of time, in addition the extent of raising interest rates will go up a few percentage points, all of these in containing the price of oil.In general, mixed with many and short, the international oil price is no obvious resistance level in the short term, the rise is like a rainbow, it seems that in February 17 is this Week Thursday, the rise is unavoidable, we make preparations in advance, arrange the time for refueling.Xiaobian updated today’s latest oil prices, only for the owners of friends reference oil prices will rise, let us continue to pay attention to ~~~ although we can not control the price of oil, but can understand its ups and downs, attention, to understand the latest oil price information.

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