Waiting for you!Nanchang University 2022 master’s degree test results query

Xiao Nan xiao Nan, you know what?The results of the 2022 Master’s Admission Examination of Nanchang University will be announced soon.That’s right, the preliminary test results will be available on February 21, 2022. Please read the following carefully and wish all candidates a smooth landing!01 result query please enter oneself for an examination the examinee of master graduate student of nanchang university in 2022 at 9 a.m. on February 21, 2022, after the login “nanchang university graduate student to enter oneself for an examination service system” (http://gsas.ncu.edu.cn/sscjcx/index) query result.The system login user name is the admission ticket number, and the initial password is the personal id number entered in the network time report.The 02 ranking system will provide the major ranking and direction ranking of each examinee. Because the basic requirements of the national preliminary examination results have not been published, and the enrollment plan has not been issued, the above ranking does not consider the failure of a single subject, bonus points and special plans, etc., and the ranking is not necessarily related to the qualification of the reexamination, so it is only for reference.The scores of the Postgraduate entrance examination have gone through strict procedures such as grading, grading, grading, rechecking, sampling inspection and comparative analysis. Candidates who still have doubts about their scores can apply for rechecking their scores to the Graduate Admissions Office of our university. After the examination and approval,The admissions office will organize special staff to review whether there is any omission, grade accumulation or registration error in self-set subjects.The subjects of the unified examination will be collected and reported to Jiangxi Education Examination Institute for review.According to the national regulations, examinee himself shall not consult the answer paper, the evaluation of leniency is not within the scope of review.1. Application procedures: Candidates can fill in the application form and upload their admission ticket, ID card, and application form for the review of the results of the 2022 Postgraduate Entrance Examination (attached to the official website).On-site, fax, telephone and email reviews are not acceptable.2. Application time: February 22 — February 24, 2022.If the applicant fails to submit the application for review within the specified time, the application form information is incomplete, the information is incorrect or unidentifiable, the applicant fails to sign the application form by hand, and the application form is not scanned or photographed clearly.3. Recheck result: The recheck result is expected to be fed back through the scoring system after February 28th, please check it by yourself.Our university does not send written transcripts and re-examination notice to candidates. Please check the re-examination list and related requirements on the website of Graduate School of Nanchang University at any time after the national score line is announced.The specific arrangement of the second interview will be notified separately according to the work deployment of the superior competent department.Please prepare for the exam, wait patiently and pay close attention to the notice.Writing as a sword, through thorns to dream as a horse, live up to time I wish all candidates can successfully ashore we wait for you in Nanchang University!Party history study column moment | one hundred released a joint communique on the establishment of diplomatic relations of China and the United States (source: the communist party member network) source (postgraduate work party committee) to edit | | graduate school Kang Yunuo, Yang Chenlou, Jin Zichun coordinating editor | billyxu and Cao Qin | RaoYong, Liu Lei

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