“Youth guard safe Spring Festival” Runan county at all levels of league organizations to ban the burning of fireworks propaganda activities

Zhumadian net news (reporter Wang Chaochao correspondent HuoXuBo) for promoting civilization, low carbon, green, environmental protection way of life, reduce noise interference, environmental pollution brought by the fireworks, continue to boost the county air pollution control, to help the people of the county have a safe and peaceful happiness of New Year, for days,Youth league organizations at all levels in the county organize returning college students to carry out multi-level and multi-channel propaganda and education activities against fire and discharge.Loudspeaker preaching, burning prohibition knowledge solution……The county at all levels of youth league organizations organized college students volunteers into the village room, took to the streets, various forms of fire and firecrackers publicity volunteer service activities, they publicize the harm of setting off fireworks to the villagers, actively answer the questions raised by the villagers, effectively improve the safety awareness of the villagers.

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