Apartment design | Salt Nordic wind, the ultimate beauty of minimalist design

Home and Northern Europe meet, a wonderful Scandinavian encounter, for the busy urban people in the post-epidemic era, bring a light and heal the natural creation, heart to build a home, today let’s walk into the heart to build a home.Mention Nordic wind is thick log style, but this apartment design new case did not follow the traditional color collocation, but with a salt Nordic wind out of the circle!Bid farewell to the beautiful color furniture, use black, white, gray, light wood color and other low saturation neutral colors, in the visual formation of a more balanced, more pure visual effect.Nordic things are always simple and pure. For designers, it is always important to travel around and meet new cultural things, which is also the source of inspiration for Nordic design.02 Strange fruit House design originally from nature, the most direct and natural way, introduced into the home space, with the most simple way to create the most personalized design, with the most natural materials, to create the most healthy and non-toxic space, Nordic design emphasizes creativity, health and nature, and sustainability.Beiou interior design will implement this concept and spirit to create a living space in line with the Nordic spirit, emphasizing both storage and living space, so that the Nordic concept of nature, simplicity and sustainability can be implemented in every home and everyone who wants to decorate.It is not about the size of the amount of money, you like it, the important thing is not to decorate for the sake of decoration, to make the living space become meaningful.04 The House of Black Nick

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