Application of shockwave therapy in pain

What is a shock wave?Shockwave is a kind of mechanical wave, common in life, like ultrasonic wave, can travel in air, water and other media, the first medical use was applied to gravel.It delivers high energy to the area of pain, which promotes a process of healing, regeneration and repair.Shockwave therapy, as an efficient treatment method, is widely used in the treatment of bone and muscle diseases.The different reflection and conduction of shock wave on the interface of different tissues of human body make it produce 5 kinds of effects, so as to reach the purpose of treatment.1, mechanical effect: normal stress and shear stress, stress limit 2, cavitation effect: ESW features unique 3, acoustic effects: acoustic impedance, energy down 4, optical effects: reflection, refraction, diffraction, scattering, gathered, thermal effect: absorb the energy into heat energy indication of a loss, soft tissue of chronic disease 1, calcification type tendonitis:The supraspinatus tendon meningitis, biceps oil tendinitis, acromion synovitis 2, outside humerus condyle is phlogistic, humerus condyle inflammation, periarthritis of shoulder, slippery bursa phlogistic, before 3, patellar patellar tendinitis 4, elastic ring hip, tibial tubercle epiphyseal inflammation, femoral greater trochanter slippery bursa phlogistic 5, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, tendinitis 6, acute and chronic injury pain, bone disease caused by 1, 2, bone nonunion, osteoarthritis,Delayed fracture healing 3, femoral head ischemic necrosis 4, calcaneal pain: trauma or degenerative changes caused by calcaneal spur, plantar aponeurotitis, foot fat pad atrophy, heel bursitis, Achilles aponeurotitis, calcaneal synovitis treatment 1, find the main pain point and other pain points to treat the trigger point.2. Treatment interval: 5-7 daysAfter 3-4, and 5 times more water, contraindications to promote metabolism, hemorrhagic disease, 1:2 blood coagulation dysfunction, treatment 3 areas exist thrombosis, severe cognitive impairment and mental illness 4, installation of patients with cardiac pacemaker and pregnancy women spread shock wave anti-inflammatory and analgesic, release, and promote the effect of tissue regeneration, is the most effective tools for disease treatment of skeletal muscle system,The prospects are vast.There is still a need for further research and summary of its treatment principle and standard operation, combined with physiotherapy, exercise and other methods, can improve the curative effect of shockwave treatment of musculoskeletal system!(Contributed by zhang Yijia, Pain Department)

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