Beijing Democratic Revolution suggested that the legislation of groundwater environmental protection in Beijing be initiated as soon as possible

Beijing – “Groundwater is an important strategic resource in Beijing, which plays an important role in ensuring the safety of drinking water, food and water for economic and social development.”Recently, the Beijing Municipal Committee of The Democratic Revolution submitted a proposal to strengthen the management and treatment of Beijing’s groundwater environment, to ensure that the groundwater environment management work has laws to follow, and to start the legislation of Beijing’s groundwater environmental protection regulations as soon as possible.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Beijing’s annual groundwater supply is nearly 8 billion cubic meters, accounting for about 40% of the city’s water supply.The Beijing Municipal Committee of THE Democratic Revolution noted that the water shortage of groundwater volume and quality in Beijing is still severe, and groundwater pollution is characterized by concealment, complexity, long-term and sudden occurrence, which makes groundwater environmental protection facing great challenges.At present, China’s groundwater environmental management laws and regulations system is constantly improved, and Beijing has strong ability and rich experience in groundwater pollution prevention and control. However, laws and regulations related to groundwater management focus more on water resources protection, and lack of special and systematic laws and regulations.For groundwater protection laws and regulations that exist in the weak binding, systemic is not strong, groundwater protection problem such as power and responsibility is unclear, the MDC Beijing council proposal, as soon as possible in the groundwater pollution prevention legislation research work in Beijing, combined with previous state, Beijing and the provinces autonomous regions of relevant legal documents, summarizes the implementation effect,A top-level design analysis of groundwater pollution prevention and control of the problem, in order to forward-looking vision to explore the social and economic development in the process of new production and construction activities on the influence of groundwater environment, puts forward the key concept of Beijing groundwater pollution prevention regulations establishment and specific Suggestions, clear supervision and management of groundwater pollution prevention and control work, prevention, protection responsibilities and the detailed rules for the implementation,Lay a foundation for promoting the enactment of regulations on prevention and control of groundwater pollution in Beijing.The Beijing Municipal Committee of THE Democratic Revolution believes that the groundwater environmental management concept of “prevention first, prevention combined” should be integrated throughout the legislation of groundwater pollution prevention and control, the role of risk assessment and monitoring and early warning should be strengthened in groundwater pollution prevention and control, and the supervision and control of groundwater pollution prevention and control should be clearly stipulated for various production and construction activities.At the same time, the main responsibility of groundwater environmental protection should be strictly strict, the scope of power and responsibility of ecological environment, natural resources, water conservancy and other departments should be clarified, and the departmental barriers should be broken by legal weapons, so as to allocate historical data and platform resources involved in groundwater environmental protection according to their responsibilities, establish a collaborative mechanism, and improve the effectiveness of supervision.(Jing Ge) zhang Ligran

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