In 1982, Chen Yun commented in a briefing paper, “I advocate strict handling”, which was highly approved by Deng Xiaoping

Preface “open the window and fresh air can come in, the fly will fly in” — deng xiaoping figure | in October 1983, talk to Chen yun deng xiaoping after the third plenary session of the eleventh 1978, entered the adjustment of national economy, with constantly of reform and opening up, the rapid take-off of the national economy, people’s life also gradually rich,But as Deng Xiaoping said, “Open the window, fresh air will come in, and so will flies.”Under the impact of market economy tide, some cadres can not withstand temptation and gradually corrupt and degenerate phenomenon also quietly appeared.In the spring of 1982, Chen Yun, then secretary of the CENTRAL Commission for Discipline Inspection, received a briefing on his desk. After seeing it, Chen yun became very excited and pointed at the report angrily, saying, “If this continues, we will lose the Party in a few years.A few must be severely punished, a few killed, a few sentenced and published in the newspapers, otherwise the party conduct cannot be rectified.What kind of thing, let Chen Yun so angry?Haifeng County is subordinate to Shanwei city of Guangdong Province. Due to its proximity to Hong Kong and Macao, Haifeng took the lead in development due to its unique geographical position after the reform and opening up.Due to historical reasons, haifeng also has a lot of local people living in Hong Kong and Macao. Since the reform and opening up, both from Haifeng to Hong Kong and Macao, and from Hong Kong and Macao to Haifeng, the flow of people has greatly increased a lot.So a grey industry has sprung up in the area – smuggling.Many people secretly to Hong Kong and Macao regions, buy local TV, refrigerator, radio and so on, back to sell, profiteering, the most rampant, sea venture can hardly see farmers, students, they all took to the street and began selling all kinds of smuggling goods, for local smuggling operation, the relevant state departments to take the crackdown on system, for a while,This has been curbed.But after all, human greed is inexhaustible.In the autumn of 1979, a local broadcaster knocked on the door of Wang Zhong, then secretary of the Haifeng County Party Committee.Figure | old radio announcer a door to door, pathetic to Wang Zhong said: “Wang Shuji, my family all in macau, I haven’t seen them for a long time, we can accommodate accommodation, I went to look at them.”Go to Hong Kong and Macao area, need to get the relevant approval of government departments, but Wang Zhong is not stupid, if it is normal to visit relatives, it is easy to pass, why to find their own?Sure enough, the announcer kicked the cardboard box at his feet. Inside the cardboard box was a 17-inch black and white TV.Wang Zhongxin all of a sudden shook, although, on the surface he still want to put on a show, probably is in the “politely refused” after a few times, Wang Zhong “very reluctantly” accepted this TV.Shortly afterwards, the broadcaster’s report to visit relatives in Hong Kong and Macao was approved.Before receiving this TV, Wang Zhong was also an unselfish man who cracked down on smuggling.Wang Zhong was born in Jixian county, Tianjin in 1927. He joined the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in 1947 and was once a soldier who shed blood for the revolution. In 1950, Wang Zhong transferred to local work and in February 1976, He was transferred to Haifeng County, Guangdong province as deputy secretary and secretary of the County Committee.Anti-smuggling times, every day after Wang Zhong hand goods, there is a wide variety of TV sets, refrigerators, radios, etc., to realize the nationwide, to families with these home appliances, has not a few, obviously Wang Zhong not stand the test, be fooled by material, is willing to be down.Soon after someone sends TV to the door, a teacher of haifeng county also seeks Wang Zhong to want approval, and send a color TV set, a recorder, Wang Zhong received things, as promised.There was a first, there was a second, and there were countless others.Wang Zhong is more and more greedy, he will receive TV sets, refrigerators, cassette recorders and so on to the market to sell, obtained extremely rich profits, wang Zhong is not satisfied, he noticed that Haifeng county to crack down on smuggling confiscated goods are stacked in Shanwei town, so bold, began to confiscate the goods for their own.In the 1970s and 1980s, open-top anti-smuggling boats were not tightly controlled, so Wang faked his way to the sites where the goods were stacked and took advantage of them.In July 1980, Haifeng county began to crack down on smuggling, Wang Zhong took office after haifeng County to crack down on smuggling crimes, but also began to brazen in a variety of names, take away these illicit goods.According to a set of statistics, from the second half of 1979 to July 1981, Wang Zhong has received six people in the name of private gifts, including six TV sets, a refrigerator, two radios, the total price of these materials 11,608 yuan.From 1979 to July 1981, Wang zhong stole 331 watches, a TV set and a cassette recorder from various anti-smuggling sites, with a total price of 58,141 yuan, under the principle of “taking care of leaders” and “pricing samples”.With Wang’s connivance and connivance, as well as his own corruption, Haifeng County became a haven for smuggling crimes, and was even dubbed by some as the “Far East International Market”.Wang’s misdeeds soon attracted attention and letters of complaint were sent to the Guangdong provincial commission for Discipline inspection.In order to cope with the inspection, Wang Zhong cried to the investigation team, and at the same time wooed corrupt investigation cadres, but the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline inspection could not find any problems.At that time, In Haifeng County, Wang Zhong was almost in control, his wife Chen Qiaolan had resigned in 1958, but through Wang Zhong’s relationship, Chen Qiaolan soon “implemented” the policy, Chen Qiaolan not only restored her position, but also was assigned to the deputy director of the county cultural center.Gradually, Wang Zhong became insane. He even openly rejected his opponents in government offices and clamor wildly: “Someone wants to drive me out. Let’s see who goes first!”However, the mills of God grind slowly but never leak, wang Zhong’s crimes were soon exposed.Many people in Haifeng county were aware of Wang Zhong’s misdeeds, and the letter of accusation was handed over like a snowstorm. However, as Wang Zhong basically had only one hand to control the sky in Haifeng, the effect was not great.What was useful was a veteran’s letter in Nanfang Daily, which methodically listed Wang zhong’s crimes one by one, plus some of the earlier letters, which attracted the attention of the CCDI.Figure | Chen yun attend the leaders of the twelve and delivered a speech on January 5, 1982, the CPC will survey results into a “complaint reporting bulletin to Chen, Chen yun look after very angry, immediately on the brief instructions:” I claim that a few, kill a few, sentenced to a few, and serve the party won’t be able to clean up.”Deng Xiaoping, who received a briefing from the CCDI, agreed with Chen’s decision and wrote eight words on the briefing: “Be resolute and resolute.Chen yun sent Wang Heshou, deputy secretary of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, to Haifeng personally to supervise, and sent an investigation team of more than 100 people to Haifeng County to conduct detailed investigations and listen to the investigation of the case.In the whole investigation process, the difficulty of obtaining evidence was far beyond imagination, because wang Zhong accepted bribes or embezzled goods every time, although the amount was huge, but there were many times, which added a lot of difficulties to the investigation.Wang Siji, an anti-smuggling warehouse keeper, had two books of warehouse shipments in his hands, which became the key evidence in the investigation of Wang Zhong’s crime. One was the warehouse shipment records on the surface, and the other was a book made by relying on his own memory.Still, there were a number of mismatches, forcing investigators to check item by item to secure key evidence of Wang’s murder.In addition, after the case, Wang Zhong himself refused to plead guilty, bad attitude this situation, also let a person feel shocking.On February 20, 1982, “People’s Daily” published a news, haifeng county four anti-smuggling boat personnel knew the law was breaking the arrest.Figure | to Wang Zhong interrogation Wang Zhong know, oneself to take goods from anti-smuggling warehouse steal thing, one day will be known sooner or later, so quick to wife Chen Qiao jian-cheng wang LAN and son call home for the meeting.The so-called cunning rabbit three caves, after a family discussion, Wang Zhong will be his private goods, respectively hidden in eight relatives in the home, and the relevant personnel to conclude the agreement of the alliance.Wang Zhong was put under residential surveillance in the Affiliated Hospital of Shantou Regional Medical College during the investigation because of his heart disease. Even at this point, Wang Zhong still refused to admit his guilt. When the prosecutors read the indictment to him in accordance with the law, Wang Zhong openly denied his crime on his hospital bed:”Some of the materials were bought by the leaders of higher authorities, and some were bought by myself.Since I didn’t have any money with me at the time, I kept the account and later asked my daughter to give me part of the money, but I didn’t give the rest.”Although Wang Zhong later realized that he might not be able to get rid of the crime through sophistry, he still refused to admit his guilt in the key fact of the crime.It was through the interrogation of Wang Zhong’s wife, Chen Qiaolan, that investigators broke the case.Chen Qiaolan did not have Wang Zhong’s scheming and cunning, several consecutive surprise interrogation, Chen Qiaolan explained wang Zhong’s corruption and bribery, the specific whereabouts of the stolen money and goods, to the case brought a great boost.Even if Wang Zhong insisted on denying his guilt, it was useless to quibble in front of the facts.Figure | Wang Zhong repeatedly listen to Chen yun case investigation, when heard Wang Zhong one he embezzled 69000 yuan, is very angry, want to know when the cadre general level of wages, has several dozens yuan each month.They believed that Wang Zhong was an old comrade who had made certain contributions to the Party, and begged for a lighter sentence. Chen Yun opposed this.”Our country has just started reform and opening up, such a thing happened in shanwei, a city so close to the special zone. The bad influence caused by Wang Zhong is inestimable and must be severely punished.”Wang zhong’s crime was very serious. According to China’s criminal Law in 1979, “Any state functionary who takes advantage of his position to embezzle public property, if the circumstances are especially serious, shall be sentenced to life imprisonment or death.”Wang Zhong undoubtedly deserved death penalty.But according to our country in March 1982 by the National People’s Congress standing committee about the criminal punish severely damaged the economic decision, there is such a rule: “state functionaries, bribe criminal corruption to punish, May 1 can he should, confessed crimes can show leniency.”In fact, it can be seen that if Wang Zhong is not so greedy, or has confessed to the crime, in fact, can be lenient.But wang Zhong himself crazy, for him to bury this last vitality.Figure | Wang Zhong case presentation (in part) on August 24, 1982, Wang Zhong were expelled from, guangdong province, shantou region’s procuratorate branch will he arrested according to law, and on December 21, transfer the case to the intermediate people’s court of guangdong province shantou area.The intermediate People’s Court said: “Wang took advantage of his power to embezzle anti-smuggling materials and accepted bribes totaling 69,749 yuan. The circumstances were so serious that they constituted the crimes of embezzlement and taking bribes.Wang zhong was sentenced to death and deprived of political rights for life in accordance with articles 155, 185 and 53 (1) of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China.”Even then, Wang refused to accept the verdict and lodged an appeal. The Guangdong Provincial High People’s Court rejected wang’s appeal and upheld the original verdict.On January 17, 1983, The people’s Square of Shantou city in Guangdong province held the general assembly of Wang Zhong’s death sentence. Due to the extremely bad influence of the case, the people’s Square of Shantou city was crowded with people on the day of the sentence. When Wang Zhong was sentenced to death, he no longer had the madness before, but showed fear and shook like sieve.Wang Zhong paid the price for his crimes, but his death was not the end, but just the beginning.As the country vigorously rectify Haifeng County, all corrupt cadres have been severely punished, but to Haifeng county brought impact, but still lingering in many years later.In August 1983, Jiang Xiushan, a cadre of the Education Office of ccDI, accompanied Zhang Liqun, the director of the office, to Haifeng for investigation. What he saw and heard was shocking.Although after the Wang Zhong case, the superior department sent a new leadership of the county Party committee, but almost all of them are not at peace with their work, the whole county party committee compound can not find people, the local smuggling problem is still very serious, “workers do not work, farmers do not farm, students do not attend classes” phenomenon has basically become a normal.Upon her return to Beijing, Jiang immediately briefed Li Chang, deputy secretary of the CENTRAL Commission for Discipline Inspection, beginning with the words: “The haifeng problem is very serious.”Figure | Wang Zhong nanfang daily published case report has attracted the attention of a great party, the leadership department decision, will haifeng as party spirit party spirit party discipline test area, sent a joint working group to local rectification.When I arrived there, I found that haifeng’s problems were not as simple as they seemed.Haifeng is a town with a population of more than 80, only 20 million of fiscal revenue, the county also in operation of the factory, only one garage a sugar mill, most of the rest of the enterprise is in the closed state, people have no legitimate work, there would be no legitimate income, for the sake of life can only be desperate to smuggling, smuggling not only influence national tax,Is the direct destruction of market economic order, to Haifeng, is like drinking poison to quench thirst.It can also be seen that the influence of a Wang Zhong is not just dealing with the problem of a corrupt cadre.Deng Xiaoping noted corruption early on and warned the whole Party about it: “After only one or two years of reform and opening up, quite a number of cadres were corrupted.The number of people involved in economic crimes is not small, but a large number. We should be fully aware of the situation. If we do not stop this trend, the Party and the country may have to change their faces.As secretary of the CENTRAL Commission for Discipline Inspection, Chen Yun paid particular attention to the problem of corruption among cadres. From 1978, when He was secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, to 1987, when he retired from the central leadership, he dealt with more than 700,000 economic crimes, which severely killed the evil trend in its cradle.The 12th party congress in September 1982, Chen yun was elected as the first secretary of the CPC, again to correct party in the weakness of previous work, Chen yun stressed the point: to involved in the case of leading cadres must rest assured bold, don’t have so many concerns, discipline inspection commission instead of “the old woman discipline” “iron discipline”.Figure | deng xiaoping sea venture clarification Wang Zhong legacy of ethos is not straight, is committed to economic construction, and promote the ability of the county cadres came.By 1986, haifeng county has more than a dozen enterprises to resume normal production, annual income reached 60 million yuan, Haifeng county gradually from the bottom of the bottom county, become an economic strong county.Wang Zhong’s corruption case, because of its obvious characteristics of The Times, is also known as “the first anti-corruption case of reform and opening up”.Although the impact of the case has faded over the years, its educational impact remains strong today.

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