Notes on the current epidemic prevention and control concerns of the public in Zhuhai

1. Why does the city implement promotion control measures at present?A: For some time, the novel coronavirus has been breaking out in Changchun city, Jilin City and other places in Our province, and the epidemic has not been effectively controlled.In order to effectively protect the health and safety of the city’s people, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government decided to implement the epidemic prevention and control management promotion after comprehensive analysis and judgment, and adopt a series of scientific and meticulous prevention and control measures, with the purpose of reducing the flow of people and preventing the importation, spread or hidden spread of the epidemic.2. Is the transfer and resettlement personnel received by the city properly controlled?A: Strict closed-loop management is implemented in the whole process of transfer and reception, and the isolation and resettlement sites are strictly implemented in accordance with the relevant national standards. The household waste and medical waste at the isolation points are collected, transferred and treated by professionals in a unified manner. Elimination measures are in place, which will not affect the safety of the general public.3. Is the current supply of our market sufficient?A: At present, baicheng Baosheng Vegetable Wholesale Market has a daily wholesale quantity of 240 tons of vegetables, a stock of 180 tons of fresh vegetables, a winter storage of 145 tons of cabbage, 360 tons of potatoes, 18 tons of radish and 370 tons of onion.Baicheng Eurasia, RT-Mart, Jingke Fresh Supermarket, Zhongzhi Supermarket and Caogan Supermarket provide 58.1 tons, 137.8 tons, 137.7 tons, 33.8 tons and 78.5 tons of daily necessities of vegetables, respectively, with 7,500 boxes of instant noodles and guaranteed supply of vegetables.4. Are masks, disinfectants and other protective materials sufficient?A: At present, there are enough protective materials such as masks and disinfectants in Zhuhai to meet the protection needs of citizens.5. How can VOLUNTEERS sign up?Answer: Please pay attention to the relevant information released by the authoritative media such as Baicheng Daily, “Baicheng Release” and “Derun Hexiang” public account, check whether you meet the corresponding conditions, fill in the volunteer recruitment registration form, and send it to What regulations do you need to comply with when entering or leaving places that are not temporarily open?A: You need to wear a mask correctly at all times. The “lucky code” is green code. The “Travel card” indicates that you have not been to medium-high risk areas within 14 days.7. Is it possible to hold a wedding party?A: At present, the city suspended all gathering activities, red events to postpone, simple funeral.8. Why do drugstores stop selling “one drug and two anti-drugs”?A: “One retreat and two resistance” refers to antipyretic, cough suppressant, antibiotic and antiviral drugs, also known as the “four classes of drugs”.Novel coronavirus pneumonia initially has the symptoms of a cold, such as sore throat, cough, fever, etc.The suspension of sales of the drugs is intended to prevent patients with these symptoms from concealing their illness and not going to regular hospitals, thereby triggering a wider epidemic.During the special period of epidemic prevention and control, the suspension of the sale of “one withdrawal and two anti-retroviral drugs” may bring inconvenience to some residents, but in order to better protect the safety of the public, the compulsory suspension of the sale can only ensure that potential cases can be hospitalized as soon as possible.9. Which hospitals can pregnant women, children, tumors, emergency patients and hemodialysis patients go to?Answer: at present, in addition to Baicheng infectious disease hospital, Taonan City people’s Hospital, Da ‘an First People’s Hospital, tongyu County first hospital, other hospitals are receiving the above patients.10. What should I pay attention to when seeing a doctor?A: Real-name registration is a necessary condition for medical treatment.Please bring your ID card, medical insurance card and other necessary documents, wear masks correctly throughout the process, go through the entrance of pre-examination and triage, show the “travel code” to the security personnel, scan the “auspicious code”, and one person can enter the hospital orderly.If the color of the trip code is abnormal or there is an asterisk, please cooperate with the pre-triage staff for further screening guidance.Xuan (city)

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