“Popular science lianghe” have you come back?How to adjust after the Spring Festival?

The Spring Festival holiday is over, many people will have a certain feeling of unaccustomed to returning to work from the holiday, some people can not adjust the biological clock.Here are some tips to help you feel less uncomfortable.Take a deep breath during the holiday season, when watching TV, surfing the Internet, hanging out with friends…People often break the normal rules of life, many abnormal lifestyles, disturb the body clock, directly affect the normal physiological functions of the human system, organs.At this time the body’s internal resistance to decline, various diseases will take advantage of the opportunity to enter.The expert suggests, want to turn into nervous and busy work from holiday flabby condition immediately in, must have a short rest to complete, restore the living time when working.Use the last day of a long vacation to get a good night’s sleep and reset your body clock.Experts also advise taking deep breaths to combat the dreaded work day.Office workers can breathe slowly and deeply if they feel nervous, worried or tired of work.Try to eat light food and eat cereals as the main food.Many people have changed their daily work and rest during the holidays, and their morning, middle and evening meal times may also change according to the rhythm of leisure and entertainment. Irregular meal times may cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, and serious gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea and constipation.Experts suggest that in the long period of adjustment, the daily morning and evening meal time should be adjusted according to the daily work and rest.In the choice of food as light as possible, the staple food is mainly cereal, can increase the appropriate amount of corn, oats, etc.Eat more vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits;Drinking plenty of water can speed up the metabolism of the gastrointestinal tract and reduce the intake of large amounts of meat and alcohol.Some people experience depression, depression, and low energy as a result of the sudden return to calm from holiday fun.Experts suggest that after going to work, we must give ourselves a good day’s work, make a good work plan and time arrangement, a day to do a few important things, put their energy on these things, more attention to these things will slowly let their normal working state.You can also arrange more work and more pressure for yourself according to the original plan and work tasks, so that a bit more pressure to promote their rapid recovery of the past working state.For people who have insomnia because of irregular holiday work and rest, they should go to bed early and get up early on normal working days, and ensure 6-8 hours of sleep every day. At the same time, they should relieve the disorder of work and rest brought by holidays by walking or jogging.Don’t forget that children’s kindergartens are not free at home after all, children will have resistance to kindergarten, especially after a long holiday, resistance will be more intense.”It’s especially important for parents not to say things like, ‘You’re going to send you to kindergarten or something…’and that will reinforce the child’s resistance to kindergarten.”Experts warn that parents should talk more with their children about what happened in the kindergarten, and encourage their children to perform songs or dances they learned in the kindergarten to guide their children to good memories of life in the garden.Source: Science Science China Editor: Yang Xuerong Editor: Li Yichuan Review: Yang Published Yin Kaibang

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