What problems are likely to occur in the application process of large motor air freezer?

In the early stage, an article was published about some problems that users considered inappropriate in the practical application of large motors and high-voltage motors, such as the position of high-voltage motor junction box, bearing system problems, etc. A netizen also put forward the connection problems in the application of air refrigerator. According to this information, Ms.Take part in the combination of some of their own grasp of the content, again sorted out the relevant content, and you exchange and share!Empty freezers and motor body connection problem can know from the naming of motor, empty, empty cold motor with the wording “KK” in the model, air cooler and motor adopt the rigid connection, the guarantee both contact and seal under a good condition, with buckles or long screw fixation, to maintain relative stability of the motor is running.In the process of motor operation, the inevitable vibration problem will lead to improper connection between the two, such as the relative dislocation of the two, the problem of poor sealing, will seriously affect the temperature rise of the motor;Or because of up and down vibration and horizontal displacement, resulting in fracture of the connecting piece, especially for the quality of the connecting piece itself is not reliable, the problem is more serious, some connecting bolts directly broken.For many parts of large motor, in order to facilitate the installation of parts, parts (such as large motor end cover, air refrigerator, etc.) itself increase lifting device.In the practical application of the motor, if the customer does not know about similar problems and uses the lifting device of parts to lift the whole motor, serious problems will occur.There was an accident case that the motor was lifted by the lifting lug of the air cooler, which resulted in serious deformation of the air cooler. Fortunately, there was no problem with the motor body.In order to prevent the occurrence of similar problems, motor manufacturers should use appropriate ways (such as eye-catching signs) to remind the motor lifting process, can not use parts lifting device requirements.The power supply and steering control of the air cooler are similar to the axial flow fan of the variable frequency motor. The power supply of the air cooler should be set separately. On the one hand, it is the difference between the power supply voltage of the air cooler and the motor voltage, on the other hand, it includes the sequence control requirements of the starting of the two.There is also a particularly important point, which is the matching relationship between the air cooler motor steering and the main motor steering.The above unofficially released content only represents personal views.

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