26 points 5 assists, Shougang double foreign aid difficult savior, twin towers 8+10 crushed by big bird, Liu Xiaoyu 0 points

26 points 5 assists, Shougang double foreign aid difficult to save the Lord, the twin towers 8+10 by big bird crush, Liu Xiaoyu 0 points Beijing Shougang second phase of the last game is facing Shenzhen men’s basketball, originally this game should be a match on paper.But with the absence of Sulinger.Shenzhen men’s basketball lineup is undoubtedly incomplete, Beijing Shougang side is still Lin and Brown to form a double foreign aid.Lin hit a 3-pointer early on, but booker was hot for Shenzhen, which outscored The Ducks 9-0 and surprised Beijing with its aggressive play.The attack of the two sides of the opening is more sticky, relatively simple to play, in addition to the opening stage of the two sides of the attack are small.Fight shenzhen men’s basketball completely no less than Beijing Shougang, both sides also through constant replacement adjustment.Beijing shougang brought in foreign aid Barry Brown jr., who broke through to cause damage.With Shen Zijie in the basket, Beijing Shougang’s attack is more in the outside line constantly conducting the ball, the score is also very tight.Coach Yanis had a big problem in the first quarter. Li Muhao and Fan Ziming did not play in the second half of the game, which resulted in no pressure on Shenzhen’s backup center.Shenzhen had a big game, with two foreign players, Brown and Booker, scoring 3-pointers, brown hitting a 3-pointer at the buzzer to pull the team within one point.Although Beijing Shougang is occupying the number of foreign aid advantage, but did not play out, but is to let Shenzhen men’s basketball has always maintained a difference, both sides of the attack is also very simple.From the defensive point of view of Shenzhen men’s basketball is better, because the inside line has Shen Zijie, fan Ziming and Shen Zijie in the confrontation between the completely do not occupy the advantage.Shougang’s offensive end also has to rely on Brown, Yanis also constantly adjust the inside line, Fan Ziming is not good followed by li Muhao.Shenzhen men’s basketball aid Booker also has a helper, more threat in the offensive end.Beijing shougang attack completely stalled in the middle, foreign aid Barry Brown a man against the other four men look, Shenzhen men’s basketball also beat Beijing Shougang stopped.Shougang brought Lin back in the second quarter, and he hit another 3-pointer. Shenzhen went with its own game plan, which was to stick to the fast break.Whether Booker or Hoshinen took the ball or attacked, Shougang’s score deficit gradually increased.Booker did a great job alone, knocking in a layup after Lin’s two points.Not taking the opportunity at the beginning led to shougang was very passive, Booker completely beat Beijing Shougang, defense is not superior.Zhai xiaochuan’s 3-pointer gave Beijing a cushion as it trailed 51-57 at halftime. Brown had 13 points, one rebound and one assist, Lin was in good shape with 12 points and five assists, and the two foreign players had 26 points and six assists in the first half.The twin towers play general, Fan Ziming got 4 points 7 rebounds, Li Muhao 4 points 4 rebounds, two people got a total of 8 points 11 rebounds, but is still suppressed by Shen Zijie, Liu Xiaoyu price awkward half 0 points.

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