Building workshops, brewing rice wine, the development of tourism, Huangpi this migrant village struggle to get rich just in time

Starting from the downtown of Wuhan, only 2 kilometers out of the Gantang expressway toll station, is the new bo village of Liuzhi Street, Huangpi District.Xinbo Village is the largest migrant village in the three resettlement sites of Huangpi relocated from Langhe Town of Danjiangkou City due to the south-to-north Water Diversion project. After years of development, xinbo Village has successively won the honorary titles of provincial ecological livable Village, Wuhan Advanced unit for implementing the “Three Townships Project”, Wuhan Rural Leisure Tourism Demonstration Village, and National Rural governance demonstration Village.It is understood that longhe town moved to huangpi three resettlement points, new bo village water and soil conditions are the worst, the location is also the most remote.How to let the villagers day across more prosperous?Yang Weiguo, the party secretary of Xinbo Village, has been thinking.Poor soil and water conditions are not suitable for growing crops.In Xinbo Village, 765 mu of land has been transferred to tiandongheng, an enterprise, to make tea garden, nursery stock and flower base and picking garden, attracting villagers to find jobs nearby.Government support funds, such as resettlement funds, were used to build industrial plants and introduce melon seed factories and guardrail factories, which not only increased collective income but also provided employment for dozens of villagers.In Xinbo village, many villagers parked cars in front of the courtyard.In front of some residential houses, there are the door tags of clothing companies, media e-commerce operation centers and bookshops.Small village, rich in various forms of business.”I can confidently say that there is not a single idle soul in the village!Except for less than 30 people who went to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to work, everyone of working age has found jobs nearby.”Yang said that after moving from Danjiangkou to Wuhan, villagers have more convenient employment and more opportunities, and life is booming.New home floating out of his hometown “wine fragrance” Danjiangkou, ancient known as Junzhou.Yellow rice wine produced in Junzhou has a long history and good quality, and was once used by the imperial court.”Almost every household in our village makes yellow rice wine.Xinbo yellow rice wine uses fine materials and exquisite technology, and retains the unique flavor of Junzhou yellow rice wine.”Liu Bingqin, a winemaker in the village, said.With Yang Weiguo into Liu Bingqin home, I saw more than 10 large wine jars placed in the home.Before the Spring Festival, Liu still made more than 80 kilograms of rice wine a day, earning more than 4,000 yuan a month.”The standard of rice wine made by households is not unified, and the industry is difficult to form a scale. Our village Party branch takes charge and sets up chushangdao professional rice wine cooperative. The villagers take rice wine and labor as shares, and the cooperative uniformly purchases raw materials, produces and sells, and the net profit increases substantially.Villagers who have not gone out for work have also found jobs at home.”Yang said.In the cooperative, uniformly packed rice wine filled the shelves, full of fragrance.Yang Weiguo introduced, at present, xinbo yellow rice wine has entered poverty alleviation supermarkets, supply and marketing cooperatives and other physical stores.The yellow rice wine cooperative greatly promoted the collective economic growth of the village. In 2021, the collective income of Xinbo Village exceeded 500,000 yuan.While developing the rice wine industry, Xinbo Village also actively promotes the combination of agriculture and tourism to provide villagers with a “tourist meal”.This October, “Tian Yuan Wudang” xinbo town is expected to open for business.Yang Weiguo introduced that the town will inject Wudang culture, launched wudang, Shaolin and other theme b&B, to build a rural scenery, picking experience, folk participation, sports and fitness, ecological pension is equal to one of the health care town.In the picking garden, Yang weiguo is also thinking about new industries.Pointing to picking the stubble of green seedlings under the orchard, Yang Weiguo said that since last year, xinbo village and Jiangcheng Green Valley Agricultural Development Co., LTD., in advance planted 100 mu of food and medicine, high economic value of Jiuxin vegetables, Jiuxin vegetables can be harvested four times a year, estimated annual net income of nearly 4,000 yuan.Moreover, this plant likes shade and is suitable for planting under fruit trees. The two industries can develop together.According to Yang Weiguo, to save the heart vegetable planting on the right track, the new bo village will also transfer land from the surrounding villages, expand the industrial scale, looking forward to the new bo village dragon teng Tiger jump bar!Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)

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