Europe is still fighting, and the US is shooting at Joe Biden: Change the boss!Eu makes big move on China

While Europe is at war, Biden pulls the trigger and shoots first from behind?Does the EU have its head cut off?Crunch time, Europe to China?”Getting worse” is the best way to describe the situation in Europe.From the beginning to the end, the United States was the leader of the chaos, whether it was desperately trying to lead the situation to the edge of losing control in the early stage, or desperately encouraging its Allies to launch rounds of sanctions against Russia in the later stage.Suffice it to say, the United States seems to be working hard against Russia.After three US-EU summits in a row, Mr Biden is already pulling the trigger for a harder shot at Russia.But at such a critical moment, the United States is turning on Biden.U.S. media published an article titled “Biden’s indifference to Putin is alienating U.S. Allies.”The words speak of Americans’ disappointment with Mr Biden’s handling of the European mess.Why is such talk coming out of the US?According to the article, Biden’s lack of initiative in dealing with Russia has been passively opposed and risk-averse at every step of the way.If you think about it carefully, there is some truth in this statement.When Mr Putin first launched a special military operation, the US was caught flat-footed.Biden then led the European nations forced to respond to the military action.In general, Biden’s response has been to wield the sanctions stick. The difference is how many and how hard.Russia’s actions also show that America’s sanctions stick is not working.Otherwise, there is no sign that the European mess is abating.More important, America’s actions have created a growing centrifugal force between the US and Europe, with Allies apparently lacking confidence in Us leadership.Indeed, the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is a watershed moment for US global leadership.America’s decline in global leadership has been exacerbated by its behaviour in the European mess.After India, European countries frequently openly disagree with the United States.In response to Biden’s personal attack on Putin, French President Francois Hollande said, “I would not use that word.”The short words were full of sarcasm for Biden.So this is enough to show that America is no longer respected even by its Allies, let alone those who have been bullied by the US.Therefore, the US media released such remarks at this critical juncture, which is tantamount to undermining Biden.Aside from the media, a recent poll found that nearly seven in 10 americans in the United States believe the country is on the wrong track.To some extent, all this represents a clamor in America for a change of leadership, or for criticism of Mr Biden’s inability to lead the West against Russia.For The Europeans, the realization of poor American leadership makes what to do next crucial.There are even concerns that without the LEADERSHIP of the United States, European countries will become “headless chickens.”For now, that worry is overblown.Recently, European countries in addition to following the United States to wield sanctions against Russia, there is a big move, that is to find China.At this special moment, holding the “China-Eu Summit” means that European countries expect “Europe to move towards autonomy”.In contrast to America’s confrontational strategy, Europe has extensive cooperation with China, exemplified by the EU’s return as China’s largest trading partner.It is predictable that the US’s obsession with hegemony and its obsession with pulling its Allies against the world will only lead it into isolation.For now, the rhetoric at home and the actions of close Allies have made this point abundantly clear.(Fu Xiaoyu)

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