Exploration: How to marry a rich man

I was a media guy living in a cheap rental in New York.I don’t believe money can buy happiness, but I do believe it can buy beautiful clothes, television broadcasters and movie studios, and all three things make me incredibly happy.If I can find a wealthy partner to support my career, I believe I can become Murdoch too.Despite Manhattan’s claim to be home to the world’s richest people, finding a rich boyfriend is not easy. I had little hope, and here’s another surprising statistic: Single women outnumber single men 100 to 81.However, after a New York training company advertised its “How to Marry A Rich Man” course in the newspaper, I decided it was time for me to make a move to meet a rich man.After paying a registration fee of $13.95 and a tuition fee of $49.99, I became an official student.On weekends, I arrived 15 minutes early at my training location in the downtown office building.Looking at the front desk staff, I felt embarrassed.”What are you taking here?””He asked aloud.”How to marry a rich man.””I whispered.”Class L,” he said, pointing to a room.When all the seats were filled, our teacher, Susanna, marched into the classroom.She was sexy and elegant in her pinstriped business suit.”The air conditioner is a little loud, so if anyone can’t hear me, please let me know.””She smiled.Suzanne began her lecture, the first step being where to find these rich people.”Venue, venue,” she stressed. “Pick the right location,” she said, suggesting hotel bars and the well-known haunts of the wealthy.You can also pretend to shop at a fancy menswear store to keep an eye out for the most eligible bachelors.She then sent us a page with a list of places to meet the rich.”If you can’t afford to go to these places, get someone to take you, or contact the organizers and ask to volunteer.”According to Susanna, once you’ve attended a successful dinner, your contact details will be put in their address book and you’ll likely be invited to future dinners.’First impressions are very important,’ she advises. ‘Men are visual creatures and when it comes to make-up, it’s better to keep it light.’According to the training company, millionaires prefer thin, hot women and don’t like women with fake nails and nail polish.So, if you’re looking for a rich husband, put your nail polish away for a while. Suzanne reminded us to check out Style magazine, a lifestyle magazine designed for Manhattan’s wealthy and elite.She pulled out a copy for us to pass around, and I noticed that the girl on the cover was wearing a sleek black evening dress. I couldn’t help but think of the colorful dresses and platform shoes in my closet, so distinctly out of step with upper-class tastes.The next step is how to quietly confirm that your date is rich.”Look at his shoes,” said Suzanne, “or while you’re talking, casually arrange his tie to see what brand it is.”She tells us that rich people are very particular about certain details and usually wear a certain brand of clothing.”Remember, get his business card and Google it,” warns Suzanne. “He might tell you he’s a CEO, but he’s the owner of a small decoration company.”With her tips on how to find a rich man, Suzanne proceeded to teach us different ways to lure him in: don’t antagonize his family, don’t make too many phone calls a day, don’t waste his time, and don’t sleep with him right away.”Make him hungry for you,” she emphasizes.At the end of the class, Suzanne gave us the freedom to ask questions, and I didn’t hesitate to raise my hand.”I want to know how to start a conversation with a rich man.”I said.’It’s very simple,’ said Susanna. ‘All you have to say is, Hello, my name is…'”That’s it?””Yes, but don’t say things like,” Hello, my name is…Do you come here often?””I have a question,” another student asked, “if you went out with a rich man, who would pay for it?””Never try to pay the bill.”‘said Susanna.”Don’t even pretend to reach for your wallet?””The student said incredulously.”Yes, you can do other things for him, but never pay the bill.””I see.”The student took notes excitedly.After answering a few more questions, Susanna dismissed the class and wished us good luck on the rest of our adventures.As soon as I got home, I made plans for my first millionaire hook.The next day, AFTER I called Amy and explained my intentions, I asked her to meet me at Brooks Brothers, where we would pretend to be shopping for Father’s Day gifts while secretly hunting wealthy bachelors.Putting the phone down, I tied my hair back, slipped into my new black Chanel dress and set off with ease.Outside Brooks Brothers, my eyes scan the window of metal mannequins with blue trousers and green whalebone trim.”I can’t believe I’m dating someone who wears these stupid pants,” I thought.Amy arrives, we walk into the store, and the adventure begins.To our surprise, there were only a few single men in the shop.After several trips to the lavatory, we left for fear of arousing the suspicion of salespeople.As planned, we moved on to our next location, the Beer Bar, which was also one of Suzanne’s recommendations.In the yard of the beer bar, we finally saw a few handsome men in well-suited suits.I sidled up to them and sat down. The bartender immediately handed me a drink called Stella.”Why didn’t they teach us how to order drinks?””I said, noting the incredible price.Amy quickly struck up a conversation with a Texan man with a large beer, but he said he had slipped out of work and was heading home soon.After the man finished his beer, he bade us farewell in earnest, which we found very boring.Hours passed, and we met only one bachelor. The evening was a disaster.The next morning, I called Claudia, the richest girl I knew, who grew up attending expensive private schools and had never used student loans.We made an appointment to meet at 8 p.m. at the East Bar in the Time Warner office building.That night, I put on my best coat over my little black dress, tied up my hair, wore pink heels, and wore the latest smoky eye.Unfortunately, when we arrived at the Oriental Bar, we found that we were the only guests here.”Oh, this place is dead, do you want to move?”At Claudia’s suggestion, we went to the W Hotel bar in Times Square, which was full of handsome men, but they all looked younger than us.”There are no rich men here,” Claudia sighed, dragging me out of the bar.”Have you ever been to Pastis?She asked me.”No.””Oh, we must go there then. I bet everyone is there tonight.”Sure enough, Pastis was packed with fashionable young people, and Claudia made her way expertly through them, finally finding two seats.”I’m not sure if there are rich people here.”Claudia said wearily.I looked around and suddenly noticed an attractive blue-eyed young man in a pink button-down shirt. “Look how handsome he is,” I said. “He looks rich.””Then you must talk to him, or we won’t go.”I took a deep breath and walked toward the man. “Hi, I’m Jennifer.””Hi, I’m Jem,” he said, holding out his hand.I wish I had read Fortune magazine and the Wall Street Journal that Suzanne suggested, because I knew nothing about bank investors and could only infer from the word “banker” that they must make a lot of money.To hide my ignorance, I quickly changed the subject and told him I liked his pink shirt: “I think pink is usually only worn by men over 65,” I said. “I really admire young people who wear it.”In return, Jem promptly complimented me on the pink highlight in my hair.He bought me a glass of beer, and we had a flirtatious chat, gradually pushing our bodies together in the crowd.Finally I confessed to Jem that his life was “very strange” to me, but this did not scare him off, and he was glad to hear about my different adventures.As we talked into the wee hours of the morning, Jem’s friends were going to another bar, and he invited me to join him. Remembering Suzanne’s advice to “be the one to be desired,” I told him I needed to go home and get a good night’s sleep.That evening, although I didn’t get his business card, we exchanged phone numbers before parting.As I walked back to my rented apartment at 2 a.m., I was happy to be home, even though it was still a mess.In that demure dress, I felt like a mannequin and completely lost myself.I suddenly realized that there is nothing more satisfying than someone who knows you are nothing, but still loves you.If the only thing you want to do is make money, then I tell you, there is no trick to making money.As I went from bar to bar looking for rich people, I learned that he was right. Doing so was exhausting and no easier or more fulfilling than trying to make a million dollars myself.In my opinion, Suzanne’s method seemed too simple, but the result actually made me want to fight for my life again.I knew I didn’t want to marry Jem, and of course he didn’t want to marry me, but he had bought me a beer that night, and it was a good deal.

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