Housing prices rose in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, while prices fell in Shenzhen, marking the start of the Spring Festival

In the fourth week of January in the past, the four first-tier cities, in addition to Shenzhen and Shanghai can not see the second-hand housing listing price, guangzhou and Beijing second-hand housing listing price are rising, and Although Shanghai can not see the second-hand housing listing price, but the probability is also rising.Now inside the four first-tier cities, at present, Indian Summer heat is the highest in Shanghai property market.Because Shanghai’s real estate market regulation is weaker than Shenzhen and Beijing, coupled with the strong financial property of Shanghai, all kinds of hot money is still in the flow, so if there is nothing too bad at the beginning of 2022, Shanghai’s real estate market should be the hottest Indian Summer heat among the four first-tier cities.Guangzhou property market looks hot, but in fact Guangzhou property market is not hot, those guangzhou landlords are more dry call, that is, only adjust the second-hand housing listing price, and can only increase those who have no second-hand housing guiding price of the residential area, there are second-hand housing guiding price of the residential area can not increase the second-hand housing listing price.In 2021, the rise of guangzhou housing prices, guangzhou has just to squeeze dry almost, they want to buy now, but also can’t afford.Beijing property market although there is the potential of Indian Summer, but Beijing is after all the national property market vane, especially in the current price to stabilize the situation, Beijing house price is impossible to have big movement.If real estate prices in Beijing can rise, the wave of growth in 2021 will not be so low.These four first-tier cities inside, only Shenzhen, is the coldest, but, who let Shenzhen this time is the most strict control policy of the city.If you want to know more about real estate, follow uncle Peng

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