How will the bank deal with the behavior such as “cash out” and “raise card” when it knows the users?

Credit “card” does not necessarily represent the “cash out”, the reality of normal and reasonable card behavior, the bank will not take any measures, the bank will be mainly aimed at existing “cash out” behavior of a card, of course, even if the Banks really know you in cash, the vast majority of cases, a bank or turn a blind eye,Unless your behavior is so egregious that you have to take action.Credit card profit Many people have always believed that the deposit and loan interest margin is the main source of profit for banks, the reality is true, but in big banks, in fact, there is a lot of income beyond the deposit and loan interest margin. Take credit card business as an example, it has become an important part of profit for many banks.As is shown in the figure below: Among the credit card business income of some national banks in 2020, the credit card business income of China Merchants Bank reached 82.5 billion yuan, while that of Citic reached 61.5 billion yuan. What is this concept? I don’t need to tell you more.So as long as your behavior is not too much cash, so most of the time Banks are turning a blind eye on the past, after all, for Banks, profit is the most real returns, each time you brush the cash will bring an income to the bank (credit card is not only handling fee as well as the advance and installment will have income, every time we brush calorie of consumption,Merchants pay a fee to the bank, which is why some merchants are reluctant to accept credit cards.)Will, of course, in order to profit bank relaxed for customer will be lenient, but lenient is not equal to ignore, especially on the Banks and the pedestrian and silver circ regulation, should reflect oneself really have the corresponding responsibilities, the general bank for serious behavior will properly handle, so the bank will do?SMS notifications for cash, Banks rarely would freeze the customer account directly, the first step of general disposal measures is SMS notification, that is to say, the bank will give you the opportunity to correct, so is found in significant cash and was informed that, after if the blocks your timely termination of their own behavior, then you cash this matter even if passed,The bank will take no further action against you.Lower limit if the bank after the prompt, still do not know to repentance, continue to turn a blind eye, at this time, Banks will take further action, namely familiar lower limit, limit once fall, basic can’t be restored, or in the short term can’t be recovered, and once derating, you in the short term capital flow pressure will increase,So after receiving the message prompt, be sure to temporarily use the card, in order to avoid follow-up unnecessary trouble.Freezing freezing can be said to be the most severe punishment measures, once encountered, you this card is equal to become waste card, of course, freezing is also divided into two cases: one is all functions directly suspended, one is part of the function suspended.Either, however, are fairly serious punishment, and are more worrying is frozen can cause a chain of reflection, after it had frozen, your personal credit report will show the status of credit card (freeze), other Banks in the post-loan management, see this information may take other follow-up treatment measures,You won’t have just one credit card frozen, you’ll have all your personal financing frozen.Summary above is the Banks to deal with violations “a card”, “cash out” three steps (the Banks will be slightly a little discrepancy), so the credit card cash out, there are still some risks, of course, the credit card cash out there, the bank can’t also don’t have the energy to catch, so generally the handled are the frequent violations of personal, blocks for accidental behavior,Banks will do little, so don’t worry.

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