Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid this summer?There is still a lot of uncertainty and it is possible the transfer could fall through

Real Madrid’s signing of Kylian Mbappe was seen as a foregone conclusion, but recent events have thrown a lot of uncertainty into the process.Mbappe’s chances of a move to Real Madrid are considerably lower than they were a few weeks ago, at least, and no one is quite sure what the outcome will be when the inevitable transfer is fraught with complications.The first is mbappe’s own desire, perhaps last summer, to come to Real Madrid.However, mbappe himself may have had some doubts and concerns about real Madrid during their recent champions League victory in Paris. He believes that the team may not be as big as he imagined, or at least not as ambitious and confident as he imagined.Sources suggest that mbappe is no longer focused on real Madrid, but is now seriously considering Liverpool as his next destination.There is a problem, however, that Liverpool may not be able to match mbappe’s expected supersalary, a problem that could work in Real’s favour.Then there was the obstruction of Paris.So far, Paris have not given up on signing Mbappe to a new contract, although they know it will be very difficult to do so.Left for Paris, and she is not just a simple competitive level, for the team’s propaganda and the image is also very important, especially in Qatar is the World Cup at the end of this year, when the time comes, if can have her that football is the most of today’s top players as propaganda, it may be very helpful for the country.Either way, Paris will surely do everything they can to keep Mbappe in the squad.Besides, that’s what Real Madrid are thinking right now.In fact, real Madrid’s interest in Mbappe is real, but the player’s persistent tardiness will surely make the team have a big problem with him.From the perspective of and admire, he certainly can’t early to announce at this time you want to come to real Madrid, after all, this is also a little unfair for Paris and too much, but at least now he did not show any positive attitude, it certainly is for real Madrid, even though he is, peja, this club is also destined to bow to the players so and “play”.And, from the perspective of a recent game, in fact, real Madrid strictly for and peja’s winger position, there is no essential requirements, the team introduced he on the one hand is to improve the strength, another Angle can also be seen as the team actually its character as the future of propaganda, idol composition is bigger, but is now in the center,Real Madrid, crucially, have more pressing and real needs.Real Madrid’s current resources are not very enough, the team this summer at least cannot one-time and Peggy and buy up the harland, from the point of view of most just need, is more appropriate to buy real Madrid harland actually, moreover compared and she has long been a boring procrastination attitude, harland aspects of money “to” flat attitude, actually more let the club felt things right,So it would not be a surprise if Mbappe failed to make it to Real Madrid this summer.

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