League of Legends or Honor of Kings

At the beginning, League of Legends was a terminal game and Honor of Kings was a mobile game.Honor of Kings, as a mobA mobile game, starts off in a short time, taking just over 10 minutes for a game, while league of Legends takes about half an hour for a game.Now league of Legends is also a mobile game, so the difference between League of Legends and King of Glory is less, the game, xiaobian friends have complained, said league of Legends mobile game actually also takes about half an hour.This is also one of the reasons why xiaobian is more interested in playing King of Glory. The long game can indeed bring a sense of fatigue to some players, who are very tired and have no game experience.A king of glory in the middle is not need to insert an eye, their home wild area can directly access to the field of vision, the league of Heroes need players to insert their eyes to obtain vision.Xiaobian in the mobile games of League of Legends for this piece of special adaptation, may also be poor awareness, always because of forgetting to plug led to catch.And king of Honor players can automatically gain economy as long as they kill pawns or within the economic gain range of the pawn line. League of Legends does not have such economic gain range, only by the player killed pawns to gain economy.For the player who does not have what too big concept to the economy is simply a chronic poison, have not yet reacted to see the economy early on the difference of a big section.There is also in the purchase of equipment, league of Legends and King of Glory brawl mode, the purchase of equipment can only be purchased in spring water xiaobian is not as simple as king of Glory ranking.Xiaobian is the kind of special don’t like back to the city of players, because there will be a return to the city is a waste of time feeling, so generally not have to is not back to the city, delay qing soldiers don’t say, also afraid of the opposite economy is higher than their own, was pressed line.The above several aspects are the difference between xiaobian and King of Glory, of course, these are just xiaobian’s personal views, or there are a lot of people will choose league of Legends, xiaobian first play is King of Glory, how many have a little preconceived idea.Like xiaobian brother likes to play League of Legends, league of Legends mobile game out before the end of the game is not too convenient, can not go where with the computer to play, he was playing king of Glory.League of Legends mobile game version a few days ago he has been very excited to say this thing, has also been reminded xiaobian hurried to make an appointment to download, to take me, league of Legends mobile game out after never played the king.This can prove that the personal perspective of xiaobian can not replace everyone’s perspective, there are many old players of the league is the first to play the league, so the feelings of the league may be different, there is no partner can say why I prefer the League of Heroes?

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