Longkou city ammonia refrigeration command to carry out fire safety supervision and inspection

April 8, the size of the news client (correspondent Wang Xiaolin) in order to effectively improve the ability of ammonia related enterprises to prevent fire, to ensure that the area of the fire situation continues to be stable, today, Longkou city ammonia related refrigeration command in-depth area ammonia related refrigeration enterprises to carry out fire safety supervision and inspection.During the inspection, inspectors focus on whether the fire safety management system of ammonia-related refrigeration enterprises is perfect;Whether fire fighting facilities and equipment are in good condition and effective;Whether evacuation passage and safety exit are unblocked;Whether the laying of electrical lines meets the technical standards of fire control;Daily fire inspection, check whether in place;The fire control room and the miniature fire station on duty whether the situation is in accordance with the relevant provisions of a detailed inspection.In view of the problems found during the inspection, the inspectors on the head of the unit guidance, and put forward the improvement measures, at the same time requirements, head of fire safety, more attention must be paid to the practical implementation unit fire patrol and inspection work, to find hidden problems must first rectification, fire hazards early discovery, early rectification.Through the inspection, the timely elimination of a number of fire hazards, further improve the fire safety awareness of the person in charge of the unit and the staff, enhance the unit’s own inspection and elimination of fire hazards ability, effectively purify the fire safety environment, create a good fire safety atmosphere.

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