Micro comment! To the farmers, please continue

Nine professional farmers in Beijing have been awarded professional titles in 2021, according to the assessment results of agricultural technicians’ titles in the city.To evaluate the professional title of farmers is an important symbol for farmers to professionalism, but also a powerful measure to promote the professionalism of farmers in our country.Agriculture is a fundamental industry that feeds 1.4 billion people. We need to answer the question of “who will farm the land”.On the one hand, with the acceleration of China’s new industrialization process, more and more farmers choose to work in cities and towns or non-agricultural industries, resulting in a serious loss of rural young labor force and a large loss of agricultural workers.On the other hand, the development of modern agriculture is also calling for the emergence of new farmers who take farming as a full-time task, are literate, skilled and able to operate.It is worth noting that giving farmers professional titles is not only a change of identity, but more importantly, a real sense of professional identity.Therefore, only by breaking the restriction of professional title evaluation, allowing more farmers to “farm” have ambition and better realize the professionalism of farmers, can we truly make “farmer” become ambitious and enviable occupation.This time, Beijing allowed nine farmers to apply for technical titles based on their outstanding achievements in farming, which is indeed a return to the occupation of farmers.Nationally, of course, that’s still a drop in the bucket, but it’s a good start.In addition, like other industries, farmers need to be given the corresponding treatment of professional title.Only “gold content” enough, can attract more farmers willing to comment, rush to comment, and then promote them to work hard, practice technology, innovation in agricultural production and management.Source: China Rural Net editor: Zhang Jing Supervision: Guo Jingheng

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