Nanyang Detention Center focuses on promoting the construction of concept, ability and style of work for the people

Since the launch of the concept, ability and style construction year activities, the Nanyang Detention House Party general Branch based on the actual prison, focusing on the practical matters for the people, solid promotion of the construction year activities, the mass satisfaction greatly improved.Lay a solid foundation and gather momentum for service.Scientific planning of the “1+6+14” structure (namely, 1 general Party branch as the leadership, 6 Party branches as the framework, 14 Party groups as the carrier), strengthen organizational support, centering on the work of the security center of the prison, the in-depth integration of business training and construction year activities, improve service capacity, to ensure the safety of the prison and serve the masses double win.Combining the reality of prison closed at the same time, the organization to supervise the group is not regularly through the video to see, on-site inspection, phone calls and other forms to comprehensive supervision of the party branch, to promote a further update the masses of the people auxiliary police, a further shift ability to further improve, style, style of first-class concept ability to service the masses foundation.Double wheel drive, deepen service guarantee.In the hardware improvement, the production of police contact card, set up an evaluator, announced the work guide, set up a suggestion box, for the staff to provide rest and waiting seats, water dispensers, reading glasses, for the case staff and lawyers to provide single computer, printer, storage cabinets, set up special parking space, provide meals;In software promotion, window staff are required to hang out on the post, dress neatly, standardize manners, civilized language, talk to people and things, fair work, cold horizontal hard and other problems are strictly prohibited.Centering on the overall situation of the central work, the Party general branch, after a detailed sorting and analysis, launched the first batch of service handling personnel, lawyers, the masses service measures, a total of more than 20.Comprehensively carry out appointment, considerate, green, fast, delay and other service measures, all-round, one-stop, “nanny” service to the staff, strive to become the “gold store two”, create a new service high, service level and ability has been greatly improved, won the masses praise.Open the door to assess the effectiveness of the service.The actual effect of the activity of the year of construction of concept ability and style, especially in front of the big examination of service, the masses are the best examiners and judges.During the closure of the second-level response prison for epidemic Prevention and Control, we conducted open-door police evaluation activities, such as a reception day for the director, telephone return visits to the released persons, families of detainees, and video conferences with lawyers, collecting 19 opinions and suggestions, and doing more than 20 practical and good things for the people, greatly increasing the satisfaction of the people.In the next step, the Municipal Detention Center will strive to create a service atmosphere of “everyone, everywhere and everything is a service environment”, continue to change the style of work, improve service capabilities, and make regulatory contributions to the optimization of the city’s business environment.(Xue Xiaolei)

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