The 31-year-old actress is suspected to be a mistress who has been living with her husband since they had a romantic relationship

Hungry?Click right to follow us and bring you the latest hardcore entertainment every day!According to Hong Kong media reported on February 20, 31-year-old Hong Kong actress Lin Xintong has been caught in the minor three storm once again because of her self-disclosure that she has been infected with the novel coronavirus.Recently, the epidemic in Hong Kong was severe. Lin Xintong found that his throat was sore and his headache was getting more and more serious. He bought a test kit on The 19th and did not expect to be diagnosed with COVID-19.Also be because of this matter, Lin Xintong is questioned again is small three, because cohabit is infected with the man.Prior to the test, Lin xintong revealed that her neighbor who lived with her had been confirmed to be infected by a nose poke test, so she also used the same method, but the results showed no diagnosis.Lin then switched to a different test kit, which showed that she had COVID-19.Sources claim that Lin was referring to One Promise member Anton, who contracted COVID-19 while filming a music video.Anton had a girlfriend for seven years, but it was revealed that he cheated on Lin Xintong last year.It has been revealed that they share a passion for dogs and music, and the two are kindred spirits.Plus Lin Xintong was spread before the small three gossip, was referred to from the hands of Hua jie Yu Siting snatched her boyfriend Tyress.However, Tyress was later revealed to be with an Internet celebrity, and has broken up with Lin Xintong.But Lin Xintong is still because of this by the crown “the strongest small three” name, she and Anton’s gossip also spread more fierce.Anton and Lin Xintong interaction can be said to be unscrupulous, two people do not care about outside speculation, many times open interaction on social accounts, between the words also appear very close and bold, as if in love flirting general, the relationship is very ambiguous.Moreover, Lin also works directly with Anton.Lin xintong is a singer in her own right. She entered the entertainment industry after appearing in the second season of Super Big Voice, and later released songs such as “One Thousand and one Lives” and “Little Something”.Last year, Lin xintong released a new song “Iron Tree”, and directly invited Anton to play the leading role in the MV.There are many intimate scenes in the video, such as holding hands and hugging each other nose to nose, like a couple who have been together for years.Anton admitted in an interview that he and his girlfriend had split up amicably six months ago, but denied that he has a new girlfriend and asked for an introduction.According to media speculation, Anton broke up with his girlfriend after having an interaction with Lin Xintong. Although neither of them officially commented on the “cheating” and “mistress”, it didn’t stop netizens from eating melons.Of course, we can’t just rely on the whistleblower’s word to draw a conclusion, after all, the term “mistress” can easily damage the reputation of a public figure.Anton and Lin Xintong exactly is what relationship, also only wait for their public response to know.I hope everyone can protect themselves and work together to fight the epidemic.Those who have been diagnosed should also feel at ease in their treatment. I wish them a speedy recovery and the epidemic will soon pass.# Xiaosan3 #, # COVID-19 #, # derailment # author: Yu Qian Chief perm stylist

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