Adhere to the food “safety line” Gujiao cold chain food epidemic prevention supervision “not closed”

On January 31, the staff of gujiao Market Supervision Administration came to dongqu market to carry out epidemic prevention inspection of cold chain food.In order to effectively strengthen the prevention and control of cold chain food epidemic during the Spring Festival, Gujiao city of cold chain food production, management, storage unit supervision and nucleic acid sampling “open”, adhere to the “safety line” of cold chain food.During the festival, The city of Gujiao cold storage, large supermarkets, large catering service units, large markets as the focus of the target, the requirements of the daily cold chain food inspection, strict check into the purchase of foreign cold chain food procedures are complete, whether into the centralized supervision of nucleic acid testing and comprehensive disinfection.Gujiao Market Supervision Administration took the lead to set up an inspection group, requiring relevant units and market management departments to check tickets strictly in accordance with the work process, and to take nucleic acid samples and comprehensively disinfected cold-chain foods, with emphasis on nucleic acid samples from employees and the environment that produce and operate imported cold-chain foods.At the same time, through the electronic display screens of supermarkets, catering service units and wechat platforms, the knowledge related to the prevention and control of cold chain food epidemic has been vigorously publicized, and people’s awareness of self-prevention has been constantly enhanced.In the next step, The Gujiao Market Supervision Administration will continue to fulfill its duties, adhere to the simultaneous management of epidemic prevention and control and food safety, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and food safety of festival food, so as to ensure that the people have a happy and peaceful festival.(Edited by: Ma Yunmei)

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