Bincheng Spring harmony jingming, garden!

Qingming festival began, the sun is shining, everything is so beautiful.While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the various parks at home are suitable for young friends to go outing.Tai Feng Park tai Feng Park peach blossom, apricot flowers, winter jasmine, magnolia flowers have blossomed, birds’ song and fragrance of spring is in the air.The garden has a large lawn for children to chase and play, and it is a good choice to enjoy flowers, walk and fly kites in the park.Or pitch a tent on the lawn and have a nice spring day.Tanggu Forest Park from the air tanggu Forest Park aerial photography, will find a pink flower of the sea, it is all over the mountains peach blossom is gorgeous in full bloom.Go for a run on the footpath between the trees to keep fit. When you are tired, rest your feet and take photos in the small pavilion, surrounded by various spring flowers everywhere.Lingang Wetland Park Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Lingang Wetland Park rape, peach blossom, winter jasmine, magnolia and other flowers have been in full bloom, the park has also added 60 self-driving sightseeing vehicles.It is understood that the second phase of the park has also built a 2,000-square-meter Chinese herbal garden, which is currently being planted and is expected to open to the public in mid-April.In the Park, weeping willows flutter in the wind, peach blossoms glow like fire near the water, birds sing in the forest, and the lake ripples with blue waves.Take photos with all kinds of cartoon sculptures while enjoying spring.Ribbon Island Park city buildings stand tall and straight, beautiful flowers and trees.No matter in the morning or dusk, walking along the haihe River, you will feel like stepping into a long gallery, and the romance of modern urban spring will come to you.In addition, Dagang Wetland Park, Guangang Forest Park, Riverside Park, Nandihai Coastal Walk Park…Both are good places for spring outing.

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