“Bottomless pit” type of temptation, do not fall for!

Want test files?– Pay first to unlock the file?– Give money again want to unseal the file?– And money?When will such a “bottomless pit” be filled?In late May 2021, Xiao Wan received an email at home, saying that he could provide simulation questions for the architect exam. Careful review can get twice the result with half the effort, so Xiao Wan added the other party as a friend, and the other party told him to pay 2,400 yuan in advance, saying it was the money to buy the test questions.After conducting transfer, the other side sends an electronic document to Xiao Wan, but the password is unlocked when opening, Xiao Wan contacts the other side to want a password, but the other side lets its hand in 5000 yuan to unlock a document, xiao Wan also refuses to give its password after conducting transfer, this ability discovers to be cheated, total loss 7400 yuan.Drums prompt online selling questions for fraud, fraudsters through attractive promises to easily cheat some of the lucky candidates after the money, they use interlocking fraud tricks, so that the candidates get deeper and deeper.Source: Nanjing Drum Tower Public Security Bureau

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